Will You Be Playing This Week?

This week theme for WICKED WEDNESDAY is: “FORE- and AFTER-PLAY“ ….and guess who has the honour of selecting the three top posts this week? Ben and I are going to be perusing all of the posts that link in and we will be compiling our favourites at the end of the week. So, I wonder, […]


Who Fancies A 99?

IT IS OFFICIAL – RASPBERRY RIPPLES IS NUMBER 99!!! When I was a child the “be all and end all” of ice-creams were the Mr Whippy soft scoop ice-cream towering precariously on top of a wafer cone and crowned with a chocolate flake (and raspberry sauce of course 😉 ) This ice-cream perfection was called […]


Singing Sex #5

You will probably agree that the song I have chosen this week was not ever going to win any musical awards. But this is memorable for another reason. My Ben likes behinds. I passed the butt test! I am going to be careful not to embarrass him here. I got him to watch this song […]



My heart was divided two-ways when I saw the current theme for 4 THOUGHTS or FICTION. Don’t you think that “longing” is such a meaningful and powerful word? I think most of us have a longing for the losses we have sustained during 2020 to be alleviated. We may be longing to go on vacations […]

sex sells

Sex Sells #14

I featured a classic iconic Boddington’s beer commercial a while ago. They have had a string of sexy ads, and this one is showing how they even turned their concept into a toon. Often the idea is that a sexy woman turns out to have a rough and ready beer loving side to her catching […]