January’s FLIRTY FUN


What plans do you have for your sex life or your erotica blogging during 2021?

Oh I am looking forward to flirting with you! These FLIRTY FUN posts are delicious!

I will tell you in my post what I am planning for my blog. There is a series coming up about a group of colleagues who work at an erotica magazine. The star of the series is THE EDITOR, but most of the story will be told through a character who has been newly hired.

I also have some more posts coming featuring my fictional characters Monty and Keziah. Do you remember them? Lots more erotic scenes between those two.

There is more. More new characters. More naughty rhyming poetry. More personal accounts.

As for my plans for my sex life – well I am definitely keeping Ben. He is not only gorgeous – he is also making sure his Princess Gorgeous Sex Kitten Jenna is always hungry for more!

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The blog is new to me and I don’t want it to become a place I just have a whinge. I want to write fiction, maybe poetry, and articles about publishing.
I also want to learn the art of flirting without getting blocked.
Reading erotic work from other people is giving me ideas for my sex life I didn’t have before. 2020 has pretty much killed the buzz, and online chicks can be scary (don’t tell me pot black) so I need to be positive about 2021.
There is a girl in the local pharmacy who has a voice like syrup if you know what I mean. Can’t see her face because of the face-mask but the rest looks great and she has nice eyes.

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I totally get that – I have to be careful with what I let my blog become. It’s weird because sometimes I write a personal account and it is real cathartic, but it can also get me down a little. I try to find the right balance.

A voice can be very attractive. I have a friend with a voice that should be on the radio – it is calming and seductive and when she talks everyone wants to stop and listen because her voice is so gorgeous.

Eyes too are so communicative. Remember if take your prescriptions to her that she might be able to work a lot out about you just from the meds you take!

Interacting with people online can be fun but you need to keep your senses – always stay safe, and don’t lose your head. But in some ways you have chance to get to know the inner person before you know the outer person – which can be real nice. My advice for you is not to send dick-pics they are the most ridiculous thing men do – seriously. Whenever we used to have a girl’s night the subject of the kind of photos men send would come up and….yeah – just don’t go down that route. If you do then you will either become the biggest joke or you will attract the scariest kinda women.

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There is a character developing and I think that her story is going to be more in depth then I can tell through poem. Actually I know it is just that I am writing about rather sensitive subject and between both her and I we are moving at a slow pace. Also making sure that we are on same wave length. Yesterday she wanted to discuss more a certain scene but I was at work and it was not really the time. I would like to explore more writing of erotica in both poetry form and possibly a story. I am not sure. Sex wise I am hoping 2021 will be a whole lot better than 2020 otherwise toys…….more toys. Happy New Year. πŸ™‚

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Oh Jay-lyn – sounds as if you have something you want to get out onto the page. I find it real exciting when I sense a character developing .
I hope you get the time to develop the thoughts and story already in your mind – it is so rewarding to see it take shape. I love your work.

One the sex front – well, this is one of the reasons why 2020 has made people grumpy as hell!!! What a huge impact it has had on the sex-life of many. Couple who live together who are sick of being trapped with each other 24/7….and those who are currently single denied opportunity to meet anyone they might spark with. I reckon there has been a hell of a lot of cybersex going on and lots of toys doing the rounds.

I have to laugh at some bloggers who seem to review a new toy every other day – I wonder if they ever have chance to sleep!

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It is a little scary because there is more than just her. She is a bit of me. Which is why it is a bit of a struggle to write her. Right now she is coming out in poems however I have a short story and another poem which I wrote a couple years ago that also work in with her. I believe that there is more it just has been well over 30 years since I wrote a tale where I lived and breathed my character.
I did have to tell the younger aspect (Emmie) that she has to be rather careful as to where she drops her ideas on me. Some of it has been distressing and I am not ready to write it yet.
Sex better be in the picture for 2021 that is all I have to say or I am going to really be grumpy pants. πŸ™‚

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I can imagine it will be a delicate but hopefully very cathartic adventure Jay-lyn – it may take a lot of courage. But I think when a part of you wants to be able to get out on to the page, it won’t leave you alone….xx


She has gone a little quiet but am aware why. We are progressing at a snail pace and if all she is ok with is the little bits right now I am too. It is a distressing and difficult subject to write about on a good day. But on the other hand am so excited to have a character whispering in my ear. πŸ€“πŸ€—


I have new blog – just started today.
Planning to just try and write my thoughts and maybe find some clarity.

Sex life? Man! Yousa askin personal questions Missy!!! But yeah – I’ll be stackin’ ’em up next year. Soon as we’re outta this mess. Don’t want the aunties catchin’ anything – you know what I’m sayin’ Miss.

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With regards your blog – it looks great. I hope you enjoy blogging. I will be looking out for your posts. Looking forward to you completing your ABOUT page to Jacob. Don’t leave it blank for too long. People will want to know a little about you.


How are you Jenna dear? I just read your email and I will reply to you soon.

I don’t believe I have a plan for my blog particularly, other than sticking at it.
I do like the opportunity to dabble in some fiction. I have a lot of work on for the next few weeks, so I will be pleased if I can find time and mental energy to put together some short posts regularly – that’s what Melody recommended – keep it ticking over.

Sex life? – well Robert and I don’t make plans as such – it’s all wild and spontaneous with us! He has been very romantic of late, perhaps with Wills being away, and we have had a few impromptu dances and he has been very affectionate.

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Mel has great advice about being organized and trying to keep up regularity and some momentum. I decided the two regular features my Tuesday Sex Sells and Thursday Singing Sex posts take some pressure from me. I have scheduled them well in advance. Song Lyric Sunday is a nice no pressure post as well. Then I have four days when I want to write poetry, fiction or personal accounts. I love all the prompts out there that give me ideas.

Uncle Robert!!! I love the idea wild and spontaneous – that is what I said to another blogger about my sex life with Ben. Well, that was when I saw that some bloggers are keeping spreadsheets to record their sex life which seems bizarre – unless you are a sexy accountant and get a kick out of pie charts???


My answers may not be very flirty, but here goes. For my writing, “plans” only happen with offline projects. The blog is a liquid creation – it molds and shapes and keeps forming, so for now, my only plan is to make it sweeter, like adding honey to my tea. I really really loooove honey! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹β€

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I love honey too. We don’t do sugar, we do honey.
I am so excited to learn more about your offline projects Gentleman Dave.
As for your gorgeous blog – you certainly have a way with words about you – so many of us are sweet on you already – you say it’s about to get even sweeter – wow – you are going to have a lot of honeys – blogging chicks who hang off your every word…xx
❀ ❀ ❀

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Hey Lisa
How are you? ❀
Hope you enjoyed the holidays.
Do you mean my plans?
When I started this blog, I thought it would be all fiction and poetry. I seem to have added a bunch of personal confessionals along the way. I still have more of those to come, but I really want to steer myself back towards fiction again. You can have so much fun with fiction. I enjoy the personal accounts I write too, and they are very good for me, but they can also be exhausting!
So I want to keep the blog fun and frisky, not too much heavy examining the past. Having said that, I think there are three confessionals scheduled this coming week, so it might be a little while until you see the balance swing the other way to more fiction than fact.


I don’t really get excited by the turn of the year. But I am very excited about the coming of spring and summer ahead. Jack and I are having lots of chats about wedding plans but it so hard to plan for a wedding right now – although the idea of a wedding with just 6 people definitely appeals to me!
Until he returns from the Lake District, I am catching up on my sleep!
Plans for my blog? Not sure. When I started out I never expected it to grow like this. It’s lovely to chat with other bloggers. I do want to keep it positive but realistic – there are a lot of people saying crazy things online. I take being on a social media platform as a responsibility. I am always conscious of promoting what I believe in – a clean earth, a happy healthy human family, a planet in which all creatures thrive – no war, crime or abuse. I want what I do and write to be a force for good.
Work is intense and I am tired, so for January at lease, I am reblogging some of my older posts, which seem to be going down well at the moment.
I have lots of ideas and 200 posts in my drafts folder that need finishing. Eventually it would be nice to have the time to give them some serious attention.

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