Looking Forward To 2021

I don’t think I have ever been so nervous at the start of a year. Normally, I think up goals for myself and go a little crazy with eating healthy, running more and thinking positively. I have not felt that way this year. I just want to be ready for challenges and let any trials make me a better person. If anyone does not realize that 2021 is going to be challenging – I think they may setting themselves up for disaster.

I guess my lack of “delusional positivity” is for a few reasons. One is that during 2020, I think I came to understand the importance of the word “balance” a little more. Life is often like a voyage – there are storms that do damage and take time to recover from. Yes, we will eventually have calmer seas and be able to unfurl the sails and move forward again. But right now, we are still in the eye of the storm.

Balance has so much to do with our mental state and it effects all aspects of our health. I have had stages this year when I pushed my body too hard with running, depriving myself of calories and trying to work on when I was tired and irritable. Ben has tactfully discussed the importance of being balanced and reasonable about my limits. I learnt the value of rest and peace and finding answers to my questions this year.

But Ben is all for us being in the best health we can reasonably be in. I want to eat more fresh produce. For almost three months last year I was living on a raw vegan diet and I felt great. Ben really likes meat, but as we are both trying to strike the right balance (we are both super eager to live a more eco-friendly life in every way we can), so for the most of this year we have had a limit of three times a week for meat . I want us to both enjoy a variety of vegetables and fruit. I am taking it on as my responsibility to find recipes and prepare food that Ben enjoys and that nourishes him properly.

Good food, good health, great sex life – win win!

I want to start the year with a liquor free month – it is Ben who is the bad influence. He loves fine wine. We are going away soon (Ben’s work), if we the country we are headed to allows flights from England at the end of January, and will be in a land that is predominantly Muslim, so I think liquor-free is a great idea.

I would like to hope that some of the things we missed out on during 2020 will soon be possible. I want to see more of family and friends, and enjoy dinners with them again. But I also want to keep some of what turned out to be 2020 blessings – more picnics and outdoor walks in the fresh air, more of an al fresco, outdoor life. We have been working on making our garden a great place to welcome guests.

I would like to think that the world in general can soon start to feel less anxious about the virus but can also not forget the deeper appreciation for what really counts that many of us gained in 2020.

If I had the power, I would make 2021 the year we achieved world peace, met a carbon neutral and zero waste lifestyle, saw nature recover from the damage that has been done, and all felt more content with less for ourselves and more eager to share with others – IS THAT REALLY TOO MUCH TO ASK?

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Happy New Year to you and Ben Miss Pink!
I hope you get everything you’re looking for, stay well and safe darling! You are one in a million and I am happy to be able to list you among my friends.

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❤ Hey Gemma!!! ❤
It's so great to see your message – I am still trying to get back into some kinda routine. Travel and the stress we had, and being stuck here in quarantine – my head has been all over the place. I feel like I want to use this quarantine to catch my breath and just be ready for the year ahead. I feel as if there is cautious optimism and yet a lot of work ahead.
I hope your holidays were merry as can be. I think there are some big things for you ahead – and I wish you all the joy and peace in the world….xx


You are so right – Sainsburys are really going for plant based. We have been getting Ocado deliveries for a lot of this year – which used to be Waitrose and now is more M&S. There is a big Sainsburys in a nearby town and I like to nip in to see what they have.

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I can Hugh. I am not sure why but you are not the only one who finds it hard to use the Interlinkz. Have you set up an account or log-in for yourself? At least three other bloggers said they could not and they think it is to do with the security settings on their devices.
I seem to be linking posts for a bunch of people now.
The only thing that is important is to add the Wicked Wednesday badge to your post. If you do that, then I will link it for you.


Can you see the rainbow circle at the bottom of my post with the words Wicked Wednesday inside ?
Cope and paste that badge onto your post, and then I can link it for you.
Sorry to be picky but I seem to be doing this for a few other bloggers I think the rules say to use the badge if you want to take part.
Is that ok?
Any problems – let me know Hugh.

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OK – great – I will link it for you Hugh – thanks for that.
I know it took me ages too figure out how to use the Interlinkz set up. You do have to set yourself up with a log in first. I thought there were some instructions but it is several months since I did it. If you have any problems ask Marie. She is very helpful.

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Jenna,, thanks for the outlook. 2021 will be better when we make it so. I have already planned a trip around the South Island of NZ in a campervan. Hopefully can blog and leave photos of this beautiful place to live.
This will be my start to making 2021 better.

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Yes, Jenna, been here for 2 years. Love it. We only have cases in folks returning to the country. They are held in quarantine for 2 weeks. At the boarder. Life is pretty much “back to normal” here.
We are lucky, a small island of about 5 million completely surrounded by ocean. Hopefully Australia will open soon, and we can have a bubble between the countries. Travel without having to quarantine. You guys are always invited to come over, especially once the pandemic is over.


If only we can have world peace, all the rest will fall in place too, I’m sure about that. Balance seems to be the good word for the coming year, Jenna, and I hope you succeed in achieving and holding onto it 🙂
~ Marie

PS: I have written a post for Blogable on how to add meme badges and add links. It will be live no later than the end of this week, then you can refer everyone who want to participate there 🙂
And THANK YOU for promoting Wicked Wednesday. That’s really so very kind of you! ❤

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I sometimes wonder why the basic things that most of us long for seem so frustratingly evasive. World peace and living in harmony with nature should be our priority, but they seem to have been neglected. I keep wishing that this pandemic could produce real changes

I think your WW badge is very eye-catching. I have had several people ask me about it when they see it on my posts.


I too think that eating healthy can have a positive affect on many areas. 2021 will be challenging and I wish you and Ben well – I love that u care about him enjoying the food you prepare – that made my heart swell
May x

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❤ I think so too Lisa. I think that is what people want. I just don't the commercial system pushes things that way. I would love the way things work/operate to change and for people to feel encouraged to get behind those changes because they are for our good.


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