Winter Treats

Being under the roof of Ben’s parents meant we were content with quietly snuggling up together each night and enjoying gentle sex. It is the thing to do when their are three generations all sleeping within metres of each other.

So when we came back to England, I made sure that I surprised Ben the first evening we were alone and able to enjoy making as much noise as we wanted in the bedroom. Winter treats with ice covered teats are really thrilling. I squealed like crazy as he used ice-cubes to explore me. Add a splash of whisky (Ben has been given several bottles and as we can’t have guests until the UK government say it is safe we are finding other ways to enjoy it) and the effect is rather intoxicating.

Ice-play makes for a very fun night in. Winter treats = whisky teats!

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Hey Cliff, do you have a blog. I was trying to search for your posts, but I could not find one.
It’s so nice to hear from you anyhow. It is great to have our privacy back and be able to each other fully 😉
It’s been an odd few weeks with all the stress over travel and quarantining. We are both looking forward to stretching our legs after all the time indoors, but we have also made the most our time alone ❤

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Hi Jenna…you saw no posts as I do not have a blog…yet. My plan is to try and start one next week. I am heading out across the South Island of NZ in a campervan for a 12 day trip by myself. So should have some adventures, photos to show. (Help me name it?) Thanks


‘Winter treats with ice covered teats’ … I’m going to remember that quote for a long time along with whisky teats!😲😲🙉

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🙂 Aaw Howie – bringing cold ice into playtime was real fun and so naughty. Ben seemed to enjoy making me squeal.

Did you see my message Howie about writing something for you?
I am trying to get into the habit of writing more fictional accounts, fantasy sex scenes. If you would like me to write one inspired by you, it would be a pleasure – I could either use your name, or if you prefer, I could pick a pseudonym for you.

❤ ❤ ❤

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I have an idea in mind – a future fantasy – what Howie did in summer 2023 when the world had the all clear that the pandemic was over. He booked a flight from Oz to England for a naughty weekend with Jenna. I have lots of ideas as to how that could play out but if you want me to include anything, please do let me know.


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