Let Me Warm You

I don’t like the thought of you being cold one bit. If I had my way I would take you into my arms and warm you. The burning within would radiate and you would be comforted and enlivened by the flames of love.

Cold and harsh is the world. I know this. We all crave to belong, to be needed, to be adjoined with someone with whom our very core is bound. The one whom we curl up with for sweet comfort, to feed the flickering embers of hope that this world tries to snuff out.

You don’t say, you don’t tell me, you don’t allow me to think that the frigid air is beginning to bite. You never complain. You are strong, much stronger than me. I grumble too often.

All I can do is make sure my arms are open wide so you know that if ever you do feel cold, there is a warm place right here, for you to nestle. As you rest your head against my bosom, let my embrace infuse the knowledge that you are loved deep into your bones. Love invigorates – even the strongest need to know they are loved.

And once you are warm….well, there are two raspberry ripples that long to be teased and fondled. Perhaps we could hide under the covers and find our own ways to generate heat this winter.

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