I know you are not a writer or a poet. You prefer succinct and concise to elaborate and flowery. I know you sometimes wonder why I go all round the houses to explain something when a simple string of words would have been enough to convey my meaning. I know you think I sometimes complicate things, when in fact they are so much more straightforward in reality. So I will say this as simply as I can…




Thank you for putting up with me. Thanks for sorting dinner for the whole of last week – you are awesome. Thank you for filling up the car with gas for me on Wednesday when I was sleeping. Turning the ignition on Thursday morning and seeing a full tank was such a great feeling. Thank you for allowing me to enjoy the company of wordsmiths and poets and become enamoured by their words. Thank you for not feeling threated by that.

Thank you for being protective and deleting comments from readers who you think are being disrespectful. Thank you for treasuring me and showing how much you care. I know that the language of love you speak is not one of excessive words, it is one of touch and passion, and it is one of countless thoughtful gestures and time together. I love that you want to be with me and to make our moments together magical rather than mundane.

We – together – are the best thing since sliced bread. I am blessed beyond all my expectations. I am loved. I could not ask for more.

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Thank you Jay-lyn! I wrote this over the weekend when I was very tired – I had a demanding week at work with having to travel all over to different branches to sort things out. I did not feel my creative juices were kicking in, but I wanted to give Ben a thank you post because he was amazing last week – well he is amazing all the time, I just appreciated his support so much last week.


I think I know I am the lucky one!

When you have lived with someone for over two years, and they still have not got bored with you – it is a good sign that something is seriously right. Ben cooking for me last week (apart from the night we had takeaway, filling up the tank when I fell asleep early, being supportive and encouraging when I was doing work I did not feel comfortable doing. He was just so wonderful last week – not unusual for him, but still, he needs to know that I appreciate everything.

You know I have a very special sexy-licious thing going on with this hunky stud-muffin whose words make my heart melt – and I am incredibly lucky to be blessed with that too!


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