February’s FLIRTY FUN


Do you have a blogging crush? Is there a blogger who makes your pulse race?

I have a blogging crush. I do! I don’t think I am the only one either. I would love to know about your blogging crushes. Don’t be shy now! There are some gorgeous bloggers out there and we want to flatter them with a little love this month.

I will give you my blogging crushes. At the very top of the list, this smitten kitten is head over heels with the romantic poet Gentleman Dave. If you read his gorgeous verses I am sure you will fall in love with him too!

Do I have girl crushes? No, not even if I try. But I do have my favourite female bloggers who I would always want to send chocolates and roses to as a token of my fandom of their talented writing and the way they have me hooked on their writing.

Here are three of my favourite female writers whose stories always leave me begging for more!

Cassandra – who is the ultimate expert in building anticipation and describing tantalising foreplay! She was one of the first bloggers I ever came into contact with and I love her work!

Gemma – whose work, including her recent Karla series is so hot it is scary!!! I love Gemma so much and yet I feel I would be scared to be on my own in the same room as her! (No offense Gem – I love you lots!!!) Gemma just oozes sex appeal and confidence and is kinda intoxicating.

May Moore – I sense I am falling more and more in love with May the more I read her personal accounts. The more insight into her we gain glimpses of, the more I respect and am attracted to wanting to know more.

I could easily mention another twenty or so incredibly talented and very sexy female bloggers – I have to say guys – the ladies seem to be the ones knocking it out of the ballpark week in and week out with their scintillating fiction and their candid personal accounts. But I know there are some male bloggers who are capable of pushing my buttons with their posts. I would just love to see a bit more of the inner you! For me personally, I am attracted to bloggers who share some of their heart on the page. So, never be afraid to open up about your deepest feelings – some of us are absolute suckers for heart baring emotional shares.

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Ooooh Jenna – where do I begin?

I think I will mention Benjamin from Brother’s Campfire first:

Who else? Oh I have to include Hugh Grant…

…and also Dan – the mad scientist in the kitchen…

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I am going to check out Benjamin and Dan Aunt Noo! I already follow Hugh Grant – we were always going to end up following someone called Hugh Grant weren’t we? Have you found any bloggers called George Clooney or Chris Pratt yet?


Pinkette – is there a reason you left me out of your list blogging crushes? Hurts deep, hurts deep…

My blogging crushes are…
Karma Eve – Chocolate Cocaine


and the awesome Lady A or Lady Lewis, especially when she cooks chicken

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Oh Jacob – how could I forget you?
Of course you are one of my blogging crushes! I just did not want the list too long. Gentleman Dave is particularly good at making my pulse race, and I wanted to show appreciation for the amazing female bloggers who are so talented and so candid.
But I was not snubbing you my dear friend!

I love your choice of blogging crushes. I particularly love that you chose Aunt Noo who has been one of my dearest friends for as long as I can remember. Before the pandemic she used to have dinner parties and feed a huge crowd of guests without getting stressed. She is awesome.

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Food is the way to the heart Jenna. You Auntie always brings a smile to my face.

You are making me jealous of this Dave guy – I didn’t realize I had competition. Maybe I need to up my game Pinkette.


Well Jenna….I have five for you! Here goes:





and Jim

It is great to have all of these gents on WordPress. I love their posts and some of them host prompts that really provide a community for bloggers to get involved in and link with other bloggers.

Gary of course had the idea of The Great Blogger’s Bake-Off and I have loved working for him over the past two years to host it.

These five all make an enormous contribution to blogging. They are my blogging crushes.


Five!!! Well, that’s just greedy!
But I like your choices – there are some top men there. I know the last three. I will check out the other two.
You are right they put a lot of effort into hosting prompts for everyone. I feel as if Jim must be stuck on his computer all day on Sundays. Rory is amazing and I love Fandango too.


Oh dear!
I do get the ‘that’s cute’ moments on some of the profile pics in the blogs I follow. But somehow a lot of things I read are in the ‘sanity’ department of the blogosphere, which usually also makes them really…welll…dark and damaged. Which doesn’t get me going in the slightest.

I admit: I am crushless (and that it an exception for my crushable persona!)


❤ We cannot be too careful!!! ❤

Ben has deleted comments from some bloggers that he thought were missing a few screws. I like him being my comments manager.
But there are some other great bloggers that I have enjoyed getting to know. I always look forward to their posts appearing in my reader – I count you as one of them Zoe…xx

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I love it when he gets all protective and incensed that someone has been rude to me. It makes me feel like a Princess! Of anyone is disrespectful he zaps their comment so it never reaches my eyes.


I intended it as a bit of a naughty question to begin with, but I can see some bloggers have interpreted it as a chance to show appreciation for some of their top bloggers.

I guess it is just chance to spread a little love and praise ❤
I know you are a Gemma fan too Jay-lyn ❤


I have the hots for some Bloggers, but that is as far as l am letting the cat out of the bag. Some female writer’s just leave me ‘breathless’ and longing and wanting. But hey, that’s the way isn’t it 🙂

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❤ I love this comment Rory! ❤

You are too much of a gentleman to let the cat out of the bag. But there are so many amazing bloggers out there. I liked the appreciation for other bloggers that was expressed in this month's FLIRTY FUN post.


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