sex sells

Sex Sells #23

I am sure I have seen this commercial or maybe an edited version of it on British televisions. But the description for this clip is “banned ad – too raunchy”. Is it too raunchy? Well compared to some of the other commercials we have seen, I don’t think there is anything shocking.

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I like it too. I don’t think it is the raunchiest commercial I have seen, so I am not sure why it was banned. I think it is quite well put together as an artistic classy little advert. Not my favourite, but I have no criticism of it.


I can’t see what and why this would be classed as raunchy and banned – l find it strange to watch this now – considering how recently she has complained of ‘Male Gazing’ a term l wasn’t familiar with until l looked it up – but Britain can be funny with regards what is and isn’t allowed for viewer’s eyes …..

This is a classy advert – wasted on perfumery – but still a classy advert.

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I think some of these “banned” claims are in the title as clickbait as opposed to being factual. I remember seeing that commercial here in the US on TV. I’d say it’s fairly tame compared to some Euro commercials.

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