Personal Traditions

When I first saw the 4 THOUGHTS or FICTION prompt I was stumped. My mind was completely blank at the thought of “personal traditions”. I did not think I had any personal traditions at all. I asked Ben and he said, “Sure you do…” and he reminded me of little habitual aspects of my life. For example, I thoroughly clean the kitchen every Sunday and we always relax together in the evening with a glass of wine before our busy week ahead. That has become a weekly tradition. Yeah, great – cleaning the kitchen every Sunday – how impressive! NOT!

I also felt a little discouraged that near the top of Ben’s list was manicures, detoxes after the holidays, girl’s nights out, binge listening to any new album from Taylor Swift, and sorting out my closet at the end of each season. Is that it? Is that all I can say for personal traditions? I was a little upset about that. To me the idea of a tradition is something deeply meaningful and significant. My habits seemed rather shallow.

Ben disagreed with me. He said that my healthy habits are all an important part of a healthy balanced life. He said that my efforts to take care of myself physically, with exercise, good food and sleep….

…my mental health, with relaxation and self-care….

…my emotional and spiritual health, with time to think deeply, strengthen friendships and to express my gratitude for all the good in my life…

..and to fortify my relationship with Ben, enjoying all aspects of our life together…

…are all valuable and are part of creating personal traditions that carve the person I am.

I guess so…only this subject has made me think more about the personal traditions I wish to create in my life. My younger years were broken up, lots of travelling, staying with relatives instead of being with my parents…I don’t feel that there were traditional aspects of our life. Ben has been very good at addressing areas of my life that may have been neglected in the past. He has helped me to have more regular communication with my parents for example. We are trying to make that a traditional aspect of each weekend. His family do have traditions and I find it fascinating how much they mean to their whole family.

There are some traditions I would like to incorporate into our lives – some of them will only be possible when pandemic social distancing restrictions lift. But I think it would be good for Ben and I to think of what we want to make traditional aspects of our life together. We want to make time for us as a couple, time communicating with family and spending time with the friends we love the backbone of our life. We also want to make sure that breathing in nature, stargazing, and walking in the countryside are integral parts of who we are.

The subject of personal traditions has made me think of what I want to be a celebratory habitual feature of our life together. There is still time. We can fill our life with personal traditions in the same way we have filled our home with photographs of us together, with family and with friends. I guess it is part of life – forging your own new personal traditions that characterise you as a person, as a couple, as a family.


Oh my mind just jumped….right, so I know of one tradition I have always enjoyed. I have been on so many group vacations with friends over the years – arriving at the airport and having Guinness and a full English breakfast – that is always the most awesome way to start a vacation with friends. I am looking forward to the future when we can resume that tradition.

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Plenty of time to build meaningful traditions. But Ben is right, taking a bubble bath with a glass of wine is one of my personal traditions and it is an important part of who I am and how I relax.

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Would have thought an airport supping Guiness with a full Irish or Cider with a full English could be more appropriate….whilst that variety of an English breakfast appeals – I tend to opt for toast and bacon from Weatherspoons in Edinburgh airport…….ohhhhh to be able to travel properly again rather than with the mind and memories. Well written piece from you as always…..I tend to work a conpressed week with Fridays giving me a long weekend…and an opportunity to do housework in the morning.

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I know right – everyone is longing to make a run for it as soon as we get the all clear! Long weekends sound a more sensible way to live life.

The first time I went on a group holiday with a bunch of girls and three brave guys that tagged along they made it clear to me that the vacation began as soon as we arrived at the airport. We girls all had Guinness and Blackcurrant cordial – which I had never even heard of! I thought it was kinda insane to have a huge meal before an Easyjet flight. So I was happy that the boys took half of my food off the plate. Why fill your tummy up when you are going to be stuck on a cramped plane and having to share a toilet with all those strangers?

Thank you for your compliment on my posts. I love the themes the lovely ladies, Marie, May, Brigit, Lilith and other bloggers set. They always inspire me to think of something new to write.

Sorry it took an age to reply to your comment. I had a meltdown around ten days ago and needed to take a break.

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No apology needed….many thanks for the comment – here’s hoping you’ve managed to clear your head. Never heard of Guiness and black….cider and black was popular with a fair few lassies when at uni. Aeroplane toilets …with my height and preCovid ocd – I avoid as much as possible. Here’s hoping you enjoyed your weekend and have a braw week.


That’s so nice. The traditions that flourish in our life often transcends to children and the traditions they incorporate in their own lives. My mother, before she died, used to be the one person I could count on besides the kids to remember
our anniversary. She would send a card to commemorate it because she knew what that day meant to me. Regrettably, no other cards arrive on June 13th. I often wonder if I have failed her in not keeping those traditions going and I let my wife do those managerial chores she feels are important. I ask how important are they really? But, they are noted and noticed. Sorry, didn’t mean to make another post here. I guess I caught your post while in a slightly melancholic period.

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I get that. I think we live in a strange time too. We cling on to anything that reminds us of the reliable and steady forms of love and happiness that we are used to, those we received from people we never doubted. The world around us keeps shifting and it is hard to keep up. It is no wonder that traditions are so valued by people when the world has been spinning faster than anyone can keep up with.


Making sure that the two of you have special traditions. They may be odd or out of the ordinary, but embrace what makes the two of you happy and laugh and feel closer/

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