Singing Sex #14

Ben thinks we need more bloke music in this series. Alright….there are not many men as sexy as Jon Bon Jovi – am I right ladies?!!!!! Although yet again, it’s women who are yet again the feature of this video, which I don’t believe is an official video at all. Why? Because we are awesome obviously.

This is Bon Jovi with “Let It Rock“.

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I was a huge Bon Jovi Fan but I do not recall ever seeing the video. The song yes the video no. And I am pretty sure I would remember because there are a whole lot of sultry eyes and sexy looks which makes me go huh? now as an adult.

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lol – MJ, when Ben read your comment he asked me “who is this secret husband MJ mentioned?” Ben and I are not legally bound yet. I don’t like to bring it up with him, but I think the pandemic may have effected his plans regarding a wedding. I know he wants marriage and children in the future. At the moment he has to get through the next nine months until his contract ends.


Hey Jenna – Happy Valentine’s Day to you 🙂

Indeed, Kylie has a certain je ne sais quoi about her and her very essence to her songs 🙂


A physical break, you must take it easier Jenna, too many physical breaks can lead to a much longer mental break – so do be careful. Life is too short to keep burning out … it ages you … you will have to trust me on this 🙂

I talk from bitter experience.


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