…To You

This is not the way I want it to be…you know that! If I had my way, I would start this day by lavishing you with attention. Breakfast in bed, a loving kiss, pampering you, adoring you…I would serve your every need – in every way. I am sure you know what I would do to your penis – do I need to spell it out?

You happen to be the best thing that has happened to me ever. It is almost two and a half years since we have been together. Over six years since I met you. Yet I have missed out on most of you. I am jealous of all the people who have known you since you were a child. I am envious of those who knew you as a youth, as a young adolescent. It irritates me that there were other girls who claimed you as theirs during the bloom of your youth.

Yet, here I am, claiming to be the luckiest woman on the planet because although I missed well over thirty of your birthdays, I have been able to share them in recent years. I intend to be part of them for many years to come. Four thousand miles is not going to stop me from making sure you know there are a million reasons I love you and am proud, supremely proud to be your girl.

I cannot wait to be with you again and have our own private celebration of the moment Benjamin O’Connor breathed on his own for the first time. Your penis is going to get the full Princess Gorgeous Sex Kitten works O’Connor – be prepared!

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