One of the aspects that makes humans unique amongst all of earth’s creatures is a fascinating attribute – our remarkable creativity. In all parts of the earth we find distinct and vibrant cultures which often express various aspects of human creativity that enriches the human race. We celebrate creativity. It is a mark of a person that has the means and motivation to outwardly express something that started inwardly – in the mind and heart.

Since we have been on WordPress (just over six months now) we have admired the creativity expressed by other writers, poets, photographers, artists and others who find their own way to express their creativity. For example, it is fascinating to see how we all interpret the same meme themes differently. That is because we are all different and our creative pulse will take us in different directions.

Now, what about Jenna Kirkpatrick? What does being creative mean to me?

The one thing it does not mean to me is artforms which involve drawing, painting, pastels, charcoal or any other graphic mediums. I can admire and enjoy the creative flare and skill in artists who uses these visual mediums, but I personally have zero talent and ability when it comes to drawing and painting. We can also rule out crafts, pottery/sculpture, textiles etc.

Since I was a little girl, the medium I loved most and felt most connected to was dance. I had tuition from a young age, but I also began at a very young age to listen to music and move my little body the way I felt impelled to. A dancer often has a magical connection to music – it reverberates through every bone and muscle as we hear the music with our whole being and try to blend with it. A dancer is often inspired by music to create something unique on the canvass of their dancefloor (or living room).

I also went through a stage when I found that clothes, hair and cosmetics were a creative medium I was becoming engrossed by. I still love shoes which are “a work of art”. I am the proud owner of many a pair of stunning stilettos which have not had enough opportunity to be on display since March 2020.

As time passed, I became more content with adopting what I call a simpler, more practical, yet classy Audrey Hepburn style. I prefer it now to my more eclectic phase when my closet contained a bizarre array of choice. The busier my life became, the more I needed my clothing choices to adapt to my lifestyle. The simple, practical, classy Audrey Hepburn wardrobe can still be incredibly sexy, and there is still plenty of room for personal interpretation even within “conservative” styles.

In recent times, I am finding I am more drawn than ever to nature. I always loved being outdoors, but now I am seeing more creativity in nature. I am seeing an artist, a fascinating artist, who is not content with merely functional – He loves beauty. He loves colour. He loves variety. More and more, I find nature is inspiring my choices, my hopes and aspirations, my dreams and my sense of purpose. I hope that I will go on to find new ways to creatively express the inner thoughts and feelings that nature stirs up within me.

It would seem that our planet – from wildflower meadows, to starry skies, from polar ice formations to the patterns in the wings of butterflies are a myriad of interlinking canvasses which teach us that creativity knows no bounds and will continue to enrich and adorn our existence forever.

Wicked Wednesday

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When I was younger – dance became an escape for me. I could listen to music and forget all my worries. It was amazing to hear the music and move with it. It is sometimes hard to unwind now and allow myself that total escape.
Nature is real special though. It heals on every level, it inspires on every level.

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