sex sells

Sex Sells #24

We have another commercial from the series of Boddington’s beer marketing campaigns. I love their concepts, but I often wonder is their marketing aimed at men or women? Maybe both!

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Nice ad campaigns. It’s been a long while since I’ve watched commercial television!
Beer it’s not just for Blokes! That’s how I read those ads.

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I think that there was a sort of “ladette” culture here in the UK around the 1990s. It was cool for a girl to be one of the guys – to dress like them, Adidas sportswear and ripped jeans, listen to the same rock bands, be able to down a pint in one.

There is also this northern theme in the Boddingtons commercials where they like to make a thing out of the northern sprit. It is so hard to explain, but it was always a significant cultural thing.

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I understand cultural things. There is something about coming from a northern clime. We feel like it’s harder here and we’re underdogs. Underestimated, till they see our core and the granite within. Or is that just bullheadedness?


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