fantasy fiction

Sexual Fantasy

ADVISORY NOTE: Content for ADULTS ONLY. Contains explicit references to sexual activity.

It’s Friday night and I have just arrived home from work. I check my answerphone – more profane messages from Phil. I heat up the last portion of cannelloni left in the refrigerator and enjoy it alongside a large glass of wine. That is followed by a soak in a scented bubble bath. Once I am dry I massage perfumed lotion into my skin. Then I slide into fresh bedlinen and close my eyes all ready to indulge myself with a fantasy about a being abroad in some tropical island….

There you are, rising up from the water and making your way up the beach towards me. I pretend to be reading my book, whilst all the time my eyes are studying your rippling muscles as they glisten with the salty sea water streaming over your torso and those taught thighs.

Realizing you are headed this way, I bring the pages closer to my face, hiding my smile. I am caught by surprise when I hear your statement, “You missed a bit.”

Looking up at you and raising my shades so that you can see my quizzical expression, I ask, “Sorry? What did I miss?”

You lean over and pick up my sun block, “You’re burning up right there.” You point down at my shoulder where my skin has already become bright red and suggest I cover my shoulder or turn over onto my front. After following your latter suggestion, you offer to apply some sun block to my back. How could I possibly resist an offer like that?

From there my fantasy races…those warm hands of yours give way to kisses. Your lips press against my skin from the back of my shoulder blade right down my spine. Your teeth tease the string of my bikini briefs and succeed in loosening the tie. Part of me is outraged by your presumption, part of me is turned on by your provocative words, “Be a good girl and hold still while I finger your pussy.”

You throw my sarong up over the back of my legs so that nobody can see you tug the fabric of my bikini away and wriggle your fingers down the cleft at the top of my thighs. You whisper sweet sexy sayings into my ear as your finger eases it’s way into my moist folds. You start to ask me questions as I bite my lip and try not to gasp. “What’s your name Gorgeous?”


“Are you here on your own? Or is there a boyfriend going to jump out from the sand dunes and beat me up?” he grins.

“We broke up a few weeks ago. This is my first vacation without him. I came out here to get over him.”

“Nothing like some sun, sea and sex to get over a break-up. Good, I’m glad you’re here on your own. My name’s Scott. I’m here with a couple of mates. We came out here to get a bit of sun, get pissed and pull birds. I noticed you last night in the hotel restaurant. You’re the hottest chick in this place – do you know that?”

“Arh-ah-ah,” I cry as his finger drove firmly against my G-spot.

“I’m gonna make you an offer Jenna, and it is totally up to you to decide. If you fancy shagging all night, then I could come to your room after we have a bite to eat in the hotel tonight. Or alternatively, you could come to our room, if you think you can cope with all three of us.”

My heart freezes and I forget to breathe. Your finger was still pounding my inner pussy walls and I could hardly take in what you had just said to me. Turning my head to try to make eye contact with you I asked, “What the hell? Are you nuts?”

“Only nuts about you Darlin’. It’s your choice Jenna. I’d be just as happy to have you all to myself. But you said you were here to get over a break-up. I’m not looking for anything serious, neither are my mates. We’re just here for a bit of fun. That’s what you’re here for too, isn’t it? How much fun do you think you can handle? Have you ever had three massive cocks inside you at the same time?”

I almost choke, “You can’t be serious!”

Your finger drives further into me. Then your lips start to nuzzle against my outer ear, “No pressure. I’m gonna look after you regardless. I’ll meet you in the hotel bar tonight at six o’clock and we can grab a bite to eat together. I’ll point out the lads to you so you can eye them up. Then you can make your choice if I’m coming back to your room for the night, or if like the idea of coming back to party with the three of us tossers.”

That evening, you are waiting for me at the bar and your face lights up as you see me saunter up to you in a figure hugging black dress. After greeting me with a peck on the cheek, we sit down at the bar drinking martinis chatting and laughing with each other.

“You are a very bad boy!” I laugh after a dirty joke you whisper into my ear.

“Your type?” you wink.

“You already know that jerk!”

I choose to let you come back to my room that night for our own private party. I do not know why I keep on apologising to you about backing out on the offer of a night with three men. You are sweet about it, reminding me that you have not pressured me either way and it was totally up to me to decide who I wanted to have sex with.

From the moment I had spotted you running up the beach that afternoon I had thought you were gorgeous. In some ways it had been a relief that you are just a British lad out for some fun, not looking for anything serious. I am not ready for anything serious either. My break up with Phil has messed with my mind. His guilt-tripping text messages and emails. I had come on vacation to relax and hopefully find a guy on holiday for the same reason – a bit of fun.

You and I have fun. There is a lot of oral sex and some serious shagging. You surprise me by gazing into my eyes after all that incredible sex and asking, “What do think of my mates?”

I am a little uncomfortable that you would ask me that question now. You had pointed them out at the bar but I had not let my glance rest on them. I was scared that you had already mentioned them to me. It was embarrassing.

Uneasy, I ask you if the three of you have had sex with one woman before. You smile at me and kiss my forehead, “We’ve been mates since uni and we’ve been having lads holidays since back then. Back in England we have to behave Sweetheart. We are all professionals and we can’t mess around all that much. Whenever we go on holiday, we like to do something outrageous, something we could never do back in England. When we were younger pulling birds was exciting enough, but it gets old when you hit thirty. We’re getting more into kink, filth and sleaze these days, but most of that is online. We’re just average men Jenna, we’ve all watched a lot of porn and would like to try out some of what we have seen. But finding the kind of women who want to play around is not always easy.”

Baffled, I ask you, “What makes you think I am the kind of woman who would be into something like that?”

You raise your eyebrow, “How many women would let a complete stranger finger their pussy? But beside that, you are gorgeous and fun, sexy and confidant – you are just the kind of woman that makes blokes like us tick. A woman with no fear. You walked onto the beach today as if you owned it. I was secretly hoping that you were the kind of woman than would be willing to get dirty with a stranger, and I was right – wasn’t I?”

My shame rises and colours my cheeks. You are right. Here I am thinking you are the outrageous one. I am just as bad as you are! We talk about it for a little while longer before we fall asleep. I admit to you that the idea scares me. I would feel vulnerable. How do I know that I can back out and that if I say “no” that all three of them would respect that? You suggest that I spend some time with you and your mates and see if I feel relaxed with them.

So we do. The four of us hit the beach the next day. Three gorgeous men flirt with me. Do the other sunbathers on the beach notice that throughout the day I am frolicking about in the water or making out with a different guy? Do they notice that it is Rich smoothing sunblock all over me after I have been out in the water with Liam feeling me up under the water. Do the guests in the room next door wonder what the noises are when I have my first ever experience that night of three men sharing me?

That little fantasy about Scott, Rich and Liam certainly helped me forget about Phil.

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