I Love You

There are days when the cold of this world takes away your smile. I know that. You know that. Having a friend who is there with warmth and hugs and love and sweetness means so much during those cold hard times.

I write on my canvas about love – about lovers. I have not had that many. Blush. Ben is the fourth man who has seen me naked. Yet I have a friend who has seen so much of me. I guess he has seen the naked inner me. Sometimes that frightens me. This word “TRUST” – it is vulnerable.

Sometimes I am not sure who I am writing the posts on my blog to. I write my posts and I press “Publish” not knowing who will read them or what they will think. Strangers – the public at large. Yet for some time I have noticed the urge to write posts inspired by you – my intimate friend. Intimate – in the sense – that two people can start to share the universe within them. Slowly unzipping all they are on the inside. No longer strangers – intimate friends. Trust has grown. Love has grown.

I love. It’s as simple as that. Some people are afraid of that word. I am not. You are not. Love is so much like a seed that embeds itself and begins to grow silently, but steadily. You return to the site of the planted seed and are amazed at the growth, the sturdy healthy tree that has sent roots deep down. A love that keeps drawing nourishment and is now blooming.

I want this love to be like a tree for you – in that I want it to provide refreshment. On days that scorch you, just rest underneath the verdant branches of our love and feel sheltered from the burning sun. On days when the world is cold – you and I can hide away in our little treehouse, the one we built together, within the tree of our love. We can hold each other tightly and keep warm.

Lately, I have been tired and have not felt impelled to be creative. I can’t string together a poem right now. My head is too heavy. I cannot craft a romantic tale. But I know how to say THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVE. I also know how to say I LOVE YOU. I hope it warms you. That’s what it is supposed to do – warm you in the cold of this world, and provide refreshment when there are challenges that scorch you.

I am saying it here on my canvas on exhibit to the public at large. I love my intimate friend. I am so grateful and so glad to count you as my love.

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Beautiful thoughts, I sincerely hope your intimate friend gets to read this, to know they can create such a strong feeling in another human being just by the power of their friendship is a gift of a priceless nature. It is true that some of us are afraid of the word Love, it means many things to many different people and is used in a multitude of ways.
The way you have just used it is pure and beautiful and heartfelt. It filled my heart up just knowing you have that security of platonic love that fills all the deep spaces in between being in love with Ben and the passion you share together. There is always room for that kind emotional bond. ((((HUGS)))) Jenna, I hope whoever this is for appreciates the huge gift you just placed in their hands for all of us to see. xxx

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Thank you so much Gemma ❤
Your words mean so much to me. I needed to read something so beautiful and your comment was there at just the right time…..xx

One thing I have learnt about myself – I spoil even the purest kind of love by being insecure. And yet….I still love. There is a voice that lingers in the background with sinister intention telling me that it is futile to love, because….well, because of a million reasons. But I am a fighter. It is one battle I never want to give up fighting. I need love like I need air.


You know you can reach out to me whenever you want a safe place to be Jenna. I will put my virtual arms around you and hug you till you feel better and on safe ground again. I know you’re struggling without Ben at home right now, don’t be alone sweetie. Reach out,
As far as insecurities and love are concerned, my world would tilt on it’s axis if you stopped believing in love. You are a breath of fresh air in a very stale world. Your ability to love is truly inspiring and I find you chip away at my cynicism whenever I read one of your posts. Much love and hugs Jenna 💖💖💖

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