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Were WE A Figment Of OUR Imagination?

I thought you were the man of my dreams. You believed me to be your perfect woman. But were we fooling ourselves all along? Were we pursuing a mirage? Were we playing make-believe? Were we lying to our own hearts?

It turns out that our expectations were our worst enemy. I tried to shape you into becoming the ideal man from my own imagination. You tried to steer me into becoming your idea of a fantasy woman.

We were doomed from the start, for we never saw each other for what we really were. We were both obsessed with an illusion of perfection that does not really exist. We did not try to see past the pretence we created in our own minds.

Now we are falling apart. For illusions never last. If two people cannot be themselves they will never be happy. The image we created together is tarnished, it is slowly crumbling away. Our friends see the obvious tension as it turns out we are strangers to one another after all this time together. I am sorry for the sadness I caused. I know you feel terrible too.

Even though we may have tried,

The truth is that we both lied,

Will this shame we feel subside,

After all the tears we cried?

We both need to let go, my love. We need to admit that it is too late to repair the damage. Our unrealistic expectations were our ruin. We got carried away with painting a mere illusion.

I am sure she is out there – your perfect woman. I am sure the man of my dreams exists. But next time we try to find “the one”, we need to accept that you cannot change someone so that they become the type of person you want. If you do that, you cripple and slowly destroy a person’s soul.

We will soon forget each other, and I am sure of that because we do not know each other. We heard only what we wanted to. We covered over all we did not like to see. There was no real acceptance, and we were not in love with each other but only in a contorted fantasy version of ourselves.

I will always feel regret that we made each other miserable. The saddest testimony to our relationship is that it would seem that WE were just a figment of OUR imagination.

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15 replies on “Were WE A Figment Of OUR Imagination?”

It is Zoe – I let the sadness of a crumbling relationship inspire me and yes it is very sad to read isn’t it. It’s all fiction, but inspired by what I think sometimes is real life situation.


Definitely fiction Gemma – I wrote this a few weeks ago, and I remember realizing it was a heart-breaking post. I sent it to my pal Gentleman Dave to ask him what he thought at the time I wrote it and I am sure he agreed it was incredibly sad.


Thank you May. I wrote this almost a month ago – as soon as I saw it as an upcoming prompt. I remember that afternoon putting together all my WW posts for the next few weeks and wanting to make sure they were all different. Sometimes I worry I am writing the same thing over and over. So I wanted a real variety in the tone and style of each post.

I saw one of those images on Pixabay and it gave me this idea of a crumbling relationship, and I think often the reasons relationships become challenging is unrealistic expectations. So I used that as inspiration – and yes, it ended up very sad didn’t it. But at the same time I wanted the person behind the words to be saying to their lover that they are not laying the blame at their feet, it was both of them having unrealistic expectations that became their downfall.

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As I read this, a cold hand gripped my heart, fearing for your relationship, and you can’t imagine the relief when I saw this is fiction. Brilliant piece of writing, Jenna, and I DO hope you are okay.
~ Marie xox


Thank you Marie.
Ben is going to be overseas until mid-March. He calls me at least twice everyday.
I have not been 100% in all honesty. But I am okay.
I wrote this post about a month ago. I had the idea from one of the images I saw on Pixabay of a crumbling relationship, and I often think unfulfilled or unrealistic expectations can cause challenges for a couple, so that inspired me. But it does come across very sad – doesn’t it.
I wrote a happy imagination post the other day. I might link that in to WW as well.


Wow. I worried this was personal too and was glad to see it was fiction. So well written. Well done. I am sorry that you haven’t been well. Roll on the middle of March when Ben is back ❤️

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Goodness Jenna, like everyone else I’m pleased to see this is fiction. Beautifully written, and relatable ❤


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