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Our Weekend Break

It may have only been in our imagination, but we just took a weekend break. In our minds, we can travel without breaking any covid-rules.

The two of us were like unleashed springs, going a little crazy after weeks of feeling stressed, sometimes repressed. So you picked me up on your Vespa and drove me all the way to Venice so that I could see it for myself.

Our bellies rumbling by the time we reached Venice, we ate gelato. I was innocently eating my pistachio/espresso ice when you smeared some of your strawberry/mango onto my nose and licked it off. We took selfies all over the city – in our gondola, at La Fenice, outside every church and over every bridge we crossed. Almost as many selfies as there were kisses – sweet kisses – the kind that friends share.

When it was dark and people were vacating the plazas, you put me into a shopping cart and you pushed and swung me around the Lido until I was screaming with laughter. The whole weekend was one in which we laughed and smiled, ate everything bad for us, we danced and sang – our voices ricocheting across the water.

I am so pleased that in our imagination we took a break – we went a little crazy and escaped to Venice. We were the cheesiest of tourists crossed with the wildest of teenager friends. We had fun. We needed that.

Thank goodness for imagination – we can escape the stresses of this world any time we need to.

Wicked Wednesday

6 replies on “Our Weekend Break”

And you know while standing on the shopping cart and pushing you, he was yelling, “Togliti di mezzo! Spianare la strada ai turisti pazzi!!” šŸ˜‚ Yes… the sky is the limit with the imagination. Love this post!!! ā¤ā¤ā¤


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