I was thinking yesterday of how sometimes during the mundane moments of life, we might feel less attractive at times. Housework, our work for income, working out, we probably look harried and dishevelled more often than we realize.

We rush past people wearing facemasks, not sure whether they are smiling or scowling at us. Flirting and charm has evaporated during the pandemic (unless you are having cybersex) and so have those little occasions throughout the day when you noticed men admiring you and giving you a cheeky smile. Even though being checked out by dirty letches is not something I would usually say I am happy about – the absence of admirers starts to make you feel less attractive. Weird hey!

So more than ever before we are dependant on ourselves to be convinced that there is something about us worth loving. And if we are blessed, there will be someone in our life who will remember to take their time to regard us from every angle and to explore every inch of us and to tell us that we are absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous! It is wonderful when someone makes us feel desirable.

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