What colour is your underwear today? What kind of fabric is made of? What style is it?

Since I have been blogging, I have seen a lot of underwear on WordPress – photos aplenty! Well, if you are one of our lovely exhibitionists, please feel free to create a post and link it in to this month’s FLIRTY FUN question, or if you are not a photo person (I’m not!) then leave us a description in the comments.

So to get the ball rolling….I will share with you my mismatched ensemble today! I have been shopping on Debenham’s closing down sale for lingerie for the past couple of months. But can I buy matching bra and knicker sets? All snapped up ages ago it would seem. So today I am wearing a natural coloured mostly polyamide bra with some mismatching light pink polka dot cotton knickers.

…well – come on! It is a Monday! Cut me some slack!

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No seriously Pinkette – I have boring blue or grey or black plain as you get most days – but Monday there was this print thing going on – I’m ashamed – can you cope with it?


It’s a Monday – I just betcha that if the 1st March had fallen on a Friday or Saturday we would all be rocking sexy pants. Mondays we go back to work and put our boring undies on it would seem.


I have two separate drawers for underwear – the stuff I wear for work and the stuff I wear for Ben.
I am so glad I am not the only one who thinks that way!!

I have made a mistake once or twice of wearing something special when I was going to work (don’t always think straight at 5am!) and then all day at work I was wriggling around because sexylicious knickers are not designed to for all day work comforts.

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Only ever have all matching sets, although the panties get much less wear than the bra’s do. Currently black and purple satin and lace, there are matching panties, somewhere. Will go without the panties as often as possible, not the bra, the girls need much scaffolding! 38E means those puppies require corralling at all times! 😈


With lockdown still in place I am boringly wearing the dreaded granny pants, however as a bit of a tease I decided not to put a bra on today

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πŸ™‚ Sometimes we need to let the beauties breathe! πŸ™‚

The Pandemic and National Lockdowns has definitely affected us! I hardly ever bother putting on cosmetics nowadays. Ben says he prefers the natural look.


I do the very basics in terms of make-up, my house mate still puts on a full face because she finds the routine comforting.


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