Two Dreamers

When I am feeling tired, I sometimes find it hard to put my thoughts into words. So, my true meaning might not always come across. But lately, I have seen that the world – and I mean by that the political-economic infrastructure along with it’s tacky, degrading, empty entertainment features is becoming more like an oppressive monster every day. So, more and more, I need an escape. Then there are the emotional issues I need to remove myself from. I need a make-believe doorway I can open and disappear through into another realm – where pain and stress do not exist.

I dream. I imagine. I fantasize. But my dreams are as golden and pure as the sunlight. I dream of others like me – dreamers – who want to live in a world that feels safe, a world at peace and yet throbbing with love, in harmony with nature, more beautiful than anyone can foresee. I dream of you being there.

This escaping reality to spend some time in a fantasy bubble is sometimes the only way to cope with a world that is under the grip of a pandemic virus – wickedness. That is why it has become more vital I suppose with our fantasy that we keep anything that would tarnish our peace and joy out.

We – you and I – we are two dreamers. We dream of love in the most romantic and elevated of ways. Sometimes when the world is cold and harsh, when we feel deflated and sad – we indulge in an escape to preserve our own sanity. We close our eyes and there we are – somewhere good, somewhere restful, somewhere over that rainbow where troubles melt away like lemon drops – and it is a fantasy that is made more delightful because we find each other there.

We are two dreamers – we share a sacred dream – and the dream is all the more beautiful now that we found each other and can enjoy it together. Affection has naturally grown because we love this dream we share. It’s important to us. Keeping the dream golden and pure is important. So that even our sweet kisses and affectionate embraces are something good, something unselfish.

Nothing has changed. We are just two dreamers who inspire and comfort one another. Be at peace. For that is what we all dream of at the end of the day. True peace.


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10 replies on “Two Dreamers”

Try visualising the end of the pandemic daily…where everyone is safe and healthy. Our consciousness is powerful! When more people do this, it shifts the potential future to something more positive… Have a lovely 💕day!!! 🥰

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And I am not joking…a friend tried this technique (several consecutive days) after going for an interview..she visualised being accepted..even visualised the room she wanted to sit in.. In the end, she got the job and…the exact room! 😅😅😅


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