Unworthy Of Your Love

I don’t think I’m good enough for you

I don’t believe that I’ll ever do

So although I might seem alluring

It frightens me that you’re adoring

To belong to such a special man

To be the centre of your life plan

And it’s because you believe in me

That I aim to be the best I can be

For when I look deep into your eyes

It shines that you view me as a prize

You could have had your pick of amours

Yet you decided to make me yours

If I am unworthy of your love

All I can do is thank God above

That He considered me worth a chance

To be honoured with a real romance

10 replies on “Unworthy Of Your Love”

❤ Thank you Brigit ❤

There is a saying I heard years ago about we tend to view ourselves – it is something like "in our own eyes, we tend to rate ourselves by our last mistake" and sometimes our opinion of ourselves tends to jump from one mistake to the next mistake and ignores everything in between.

Sometimes I cannot believe how stupid I can be. Ben is so loving and caring, and so gentle if he needs to speak to me about something that concerns him. But sometimes I am truly baffled my own idiocy.

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Thanks Marie ❤

I did publish a story called "Her Mouth" – Ben was not keen on it. He is still away but he reads my posts. When I have some time I am going to edit it and republish it at some point.


I’m pretty sure you’re both good and worthy. I think Ben is lucky to be in a relationship with a girl like you. But you, nevertheless, do not be arrogant.
I almost forgot. The poems are very good and informative. With deep meaning, not just rhymes.

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