sex sells

Sex Sells #28

Here is someone who has shaped a lot of her music career on the SEX SELLS influence. Madonna. Yes, there was a perfume commercial and of course she keeps up her sexy bad girl image. What else would you expect?

4 replies on “Sex Sells #28”

Anyone blazing a trail needs some courage. I like some of her songs, but I was a child when I first saw Madonna on screen and I was shocked by her….not only her. I remember as a child being completely bewildered by David Bowie, Ozzy Osborne, and anyone who stood out as different really. I have warmed to her over the years. I especially like her Latin inspired music – I love to dance – so some of her music was my go-to for salsa. Now the music industry is saturated with artists trying to stand out as different, so much so that they become the same. Lots of female artists doing what Madonna did decades ago.


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