Romance Versus Reality

Sometimes falling in love is like two people climbing into a hot air balloon and floating off into their own stratosphere. As love and joy leave us elated and we become elevated to stellar heights, it is easy to become so wrapped up in each other that the mundane world below is forgotten.

It is partly because of the layers of sadness and disappointment this world incurs and the open wounds it has left me with, that I gravitate towards someone who is loving, humble, kind, unselfish, caring….and more. I am so eager to jump into the gondola and make any journey with you, up into the purest air, sometimes gently drifting in the sublime, sometimes at the mercy of changing winds.

It’s simply beautiful to fall in love – and I have no regrets over the magical dream we have enjoyed. But at the same time it is right to recognize that we can’t live life up in the sky when reality is on the ground below. It’s a wise thing to settle our feet onto the ground and get back to the real world. But these special experiences – balloon trips up above our worries and our pain – they are always going to be important. We just have to space them out so they don’t loosen our grip on reality.

But here is the situation as far as I see it….I was so caught up in the beauty of the romance I was just wanting it to be reality. It’s my fault for falling in love so quickly.

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When we are falling in love – it perhaps would be better for everyone if we were locked up – because we go crazy! But it is ok – people understand that falling in love sometimes throws us off balance. You are ok kiddo! xx

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