Netta Noo I Love You

Love comes in all shapes and sizes. Today I want to talk about my most loyal supporter and beloved friend. In fact there is nobody else in my life who has been so constant and caring.

Even the best of friends can have a little difference of opinion at times. I have been struggling a little, and I think that maybe I have been more emotional because of tiredness and anxieties. Netta Noo has been wonderful. But I was sulky this week about something, and I think I gave Noo the impression I was cross with her.

Netta Noo – I love you! I don’t doubt your pure motive and deep concern over my wellbeing. Plus Netta Noo – you rock! I have wanted to be just like you since I can remember. So I am always going to listen to your advice – because you obviously know what you are talking about….xx

You ought to know that sometimes I am still a child – and there are so many ways I ought to know better, I should have grown up by now. Yet again and again little examples of my pinkilicious silliness escape and every time, you are there offering me your ear and your hand – just like you always have. But at the same time Noo, I am an adult and I want to make my own decisions and use my own judgement.

For the years of friendship and loyal love you have provided me with, for the kindness and concern, for turning my tears into laughter, for teaching me how to manicure my nails and curl my hair, for being the mediator between me and my mom, for giving me the best advice and support I’ve received…Netta Noo – you are always going to be my role model and mentor.

Oh truly Netta Noo – I really do love you!

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