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Kirsty’s Aunt

That was the most awkward situation I had ever been in. I was a teenager, embarrassing situations were not new to me. I was still at Camelback High School, back in my home city of Phoenix. At the start of the new semester, I was assigned to team up with Kirsty, one of the cutest girls in my History class, to work on a project to be entered for the Rippleton Guild Award.

Kirsty was so cute – we had made out in ninth grade when she still had her braces. Not long after she started going steady with Todd Pederson, a typical mutton-head that made up the school football team. Ever since then trying to flirt with Kirsty was no longer an option, unless I wanted a black eye from a quarterback.

Here is an idea of what would Kirsty would change into when we got back to her house to study together. The lady next to her is Kirsty’s mom. She was also hot. The amount of times she had leant over the kitchen counter to offer me one of her home made granola bars and revealed her perfectly sculptured boob job…and I groaned inside trying to reign it in.

But that afternoon I discovered that these two beauties were nothing compared with Kirsty’s Aunt Gwen. Kirsty told me that her Aunt was recently divorced and was staying with them before she moved up to San Francisco. Apparently the divorce settlement had secured Gwen’s lifelong financial security, ensuring she would never have to lift a finger again, unless just to raise her martini glass.

Normally, Kirsty and I would study in the kitchen, but I remember that afternoon, Kirsty told me we would work at the front of the house so that we did not disturb her Aunt. We had a lot to do as the deadline for submitting our project was the end of that week. When the phone rang and Kirsty jumped up to answer the phone. I could hear her mumbling in the hallway. Kirsty came back into the room and told me her mom had called to say there had been an accident on Interstate 17 they were stuck in traffic and expected to be home much later that evening.

Kirsty told me her mom had suggested we heated up some of the lasagne in the refrigerator if we were hungry. We walked through to the kitchen and as Kirsty opened the refrigerator, I couldn’t help notice a pair of long bronze legs draped over the sun lounger. Kirsty pulled out the dish of lasagne and then stepped out onto the wooden decking outside the kitchen to speak to her Aunt.

A couple of minutes later Kirsty returned and transferred some of the lasagne into a small dish to heat up – not that I was paying much attention to what she was doing. The Aunt was moving. I saw those long slim legs swing around and her feet touch the wood beneath her. Moments later she was up on her feet and the goddess was making her way indoors. Her skimpy swimsuit left hardly anything to the imagination. As she moved, swaying her hips from side to side, her rounded breasts gently wobbled. She was stunning.

That afternoon is was one of the most mortifying of my teenage years. She fixed her eyes onto the outline of my swollen groin and gave me a wink. With her malty voice, she asked Kirsty to introduce me. Kirsty turned around and nearly dropped the carton of juice she was clutching when she too noticed the flimsy material of my shorts was standing up like a tent over my cock which had risen to salute the gorgeous Aunt Gwen.

Our project for the Rippleton Guild Award was turned in on time for the deadline. But for the rest of the my time at Camelback High School, I never lived down the shame of having a hard one as soon as I saw Kirsty’s hot Aunt.

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Oh my goodness, poor thing! I guess that those of us without penises (and those over-eager teenage boners) got away lightly in our youth. I do always count my lucky stars that my excitement isn’t obvious to those around me!

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Well, I’m a guy and my excitement was pretty much unnoticeable due to my, lol, cry, lack of development in that area. I’d say the benefits of having an actual micropenis do not outweigh the cons. šŸ¤”šŸ˜„šŸ˜¢


Very beautifully written, and his mortification is so easy to imagine. At that age who knows when they’ll get hard but Aunt Kirsty sounds like she inspires wood wherever she goes! Loved the humour.

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