Lighten Up

I know that sounds cold and insensitive

Before I wrote it I was pensitive*

But from here I’ll find a way to express

All that I’ve felt I needed to repress


Come out with me

In the middle of the night


Walk next to me

Put your arm around me tight


Lips touching mine

Taste pure affection for you


Hand holding mine

Believe that this love is true


After days when life has been demanding

Shelter with me for sweet understanding

I can’t bear to see you saddened and morose

So please snuggle up, I’m holding you close

Remember all those hours we’re apart

Everywhere I go, you are in my heart

We’re friends providing something that’s missing

Whether that be a touch, a hug or kissing

Being in love doesn’t mean it’s an affair

Yet it is a special friendship we share

I’m linking your arm as we walk along

Please don’t worry, what we do is not wrong

It’s not “if” or “when” we end up meeting

But enduring friendship, love unfleeting

Saying “lighten up” I mean “be at peace”

We’re bonded now with a love that won’t cease

Deep in my heart your words light up a spark

That now guides me when it’s cold and it’s dark

I want to stir within you that same glow

You’re my sacred love I need you to know

Neither of us wants a secret lover

But we’ve both realized we need each other

Don’t be anxious about how this will end

Because ultimately you are my friend

*pensitive might not be a real word – someone entered into the Urban dictionary but I think they mean pensive. Anyway….I liked it because it made my poem rhyme.

5 replies on “Lighten Up”

Aye, they keep adding new words just to make it more interesting each time you play Scrabble…just need to find someone who plays “pen” or “pens” and you can add “(s)itive” for a decent score…


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