fantasy fiction


ADVISORY NOTE: Content for ADULTS ONLY. Contains explicit references to sexual activity.

While I asked myself why on earth I had agreed to going for an after work drink, his gentle kisses descended my neck. It was only supposed to be a quick drink to celebrate the Β£8 million house sale he had just made. This was not part of the plan….well, it may have been part of his plan all along. As his lips pressed against mine and I felt his embrace tighten all those high and mighty principles of mine about not getting involved with a colleague melted away.

His cologne was intoxicating, they must have put some elephant-strength pheromones in that concoction. Mentally I was almost screaming for him to stop as his hands gripped my behind and pulled me into his groan. He was mushing his swollen crotch into my front. Bloody hell – how did I get myself into this? I did not want Tony Sanderson to shag me. No way! How was I going to look him in the eye when I told him we were not paying his expense claims?

Tony was such a charmer, that’s how he managed to negotiate these multi-million pound house sales. I knew he was just as good at getting into women’s knickers as he was at selling property. I had sworn to myself I would not be taken in my him. But here I was with his tongue half way down my throat and I was loving the rush of my first proper snog in months. He paused for a moment as his fingers found the buttons of my blouse.

“I’ve been dying to get my hands on these massive tits for ages,” his smutty comment almost gave me the strength to resist him. But then his lips began to nuzzle against the soft flesh above my bra cups. He pushed the fabric of my blouse away and his fingers searched through the satin for my nipples. His gentle stroking was irresistible and to my embarrassment they began to swell. He had found my weak spot. I was powerless now to dampen the urges he had woken within me.

With a very swift flick, Tony had unfasted my bra and whisked it away. There I stood in my pencil skirt and stilettos with my plump breasts exposed. Noises as if he was tucking into a piece of fried chicken escaped him as he took my left nipple into his mouth and began to suck and lick and tease it with his tongue. I groaned on realizing that already I was starting to seep moisture down below.

It all happened so quickly – which is normally the case with mistakes – he was pushing down his trousers exposing his erection, his hands were firmly parting my thighs, it was quick, it was hard, it was fantastic, he kept up that intense thrusting and made time to rub my engorged nipples….I was loving Tony shattering all my prejudices against him when….

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That’s something I have laughed about. I once went out for dinner with a guy who made lots of unusual noises while he was eating – with every mouthful he was expressing his enjoyment with very loud noises – and I started to laugh. I remember telling Simon that it was the kind of noises I only want to hear in the bedroom. He was making them right there in the restaurant and other people were looking over at him!

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