Simon Enlightens Me Once Again

If you have read “FOUND”, you may have picked up on how Simon calls Leah a vanilla baby. Compared to him, Leah is very inexperienced and is quite shocked when she realizes how few limits Simon imposes on himself when it comes to sexual pleasure.

I sometimes refer to the man that inspired “Simon”. I have to say, in the fictional book “FOUND”, I have exaggerated things, perhaps taking it to an extreme.

In real life, I did feel inexperienced compared to my “Simon”, but nothing in the fictional story is true of the real man I know and love. What I used for inspiration was the great gap in our experience. I was truly a baby when I met “Simon”. He was very sweet and gentle when he realized that. He introduced me to some very new aspects of intimate play which I enjoyed, but when I said no to some of his other suggestions, he never pressured me.

I suspect that he restricted the variety within our sexlife for my sake. For me, our relationship was the most vibrant, energetic and colourful I had ever been involved with. But I sometimes wonder if I was a little boring to him.

I do not doubt that my “Simon” is very fond of me. Recently, I asked him for hints because I wanted to send him a gift (special event for him). I gave him some ideas…and he did not seem to jump at any but sent me a reply telling me he was thinking of buying a pinwheel. Well…to me a pinwheel was a colourful windmill toy that you blow air into to make it spin.

Then when I googled pinwheels, google told me they were a chiropody tool. With a little more research I learnt they are also used in BDSM. I am still such a vanilla baby (although he has never called me that) and my “Simon” is still educating me. Well, I bought him a pinwheel and sent it to him. He was delighted and said it was perfect.

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