I Wait For You

ADVISORY NOTE: Content for ADULTS ONLY. Contains explicit references to sexual activity.

It’s half past eight and I’m waiting for you

Since breakfast I’ve known what you want to do

That look in your eyes warned me of your mood

An intense hunger, lust discreetly brewed

A signal that you planed to devour

My lips once you’ve got me in the shower

Soaped up hands explore all parts of my flesh

No escape you have me caught in your mesh

Scooped up in your arms, placed upon our bed

You’re like a beast who for weeks has not fed

Feastlike kisses prowl up and down my skin

Reach for the drawer, pull out a Durex Thin

I’m so wet that you’re in with one firm push

Sweet orgasmic flow descends in a rush

Gasp with the thrill of each Olympic thrust

Pleased that you know not to neglect my bust

Fingers play with my right raspberry ripple

Your mouth tugs on my engorged left nipple

Explosion within causes your loud grunt

Withdraw, disrobe, jazz all over my front

Hungry for more your manhood greets my tongue

So I suck you in hard and slow and long

Nothing makes me smile like hearing my man moan

Princess Sex Kitten is still on her throne!

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