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Which is your favourite sexy song?

Normally I run a series each Thursday called SINGING SEX, in which I feature a song with sexy lyrics or a music video. So as the first of this month has fallen on a Thursday and I have had to postpone the song I had chosen until next week, I am going to ask all of you to share which song you consider the sexiest?

You can either leave just the name of the artist and song title in the comments, or you could link a YouTube video.

I love the chance to have a little fun flirting with other bloggers….please feel free to drop by and say hello and share your favourite sexy song ❤

32 replies on “April’s FLIRTY FUN”

Well….what a question!!! I am not sure how sexy my choices are, but they are amazing love songs.
I have three for you. One simply because I find the opening so sexy and intense and needy – there is something about the first part of this song that makes me feel intense and raw.

Then there is the song that makes me think Goldfinch….(and is also from Dirty Dancing which makes it sexy)

Then there is the song that is Jack and me….

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I absolutely love your music tastes and all the songs you introduce to me….I have never heard the first song you linked – it is exactly as you described – intense and raw and needy – love it! I have heard the other songs – great great songs. Caramel – you never let me down!!! ❤

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I used to be a Rita Ora fan – but I was so mad at her for throwing that party during lockdown that I removed her from my playlists. I am going to cut her some slack today though because she has a couple of songs that really do it for me. One is more sexy, one is more about love – both are awesome.

But until she makes a better effort improve opinion of her after what she did – he is till boycotted.

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I am on the same page as you Zoe – frankly she did a bad thing at a time when we needed celebs to be using their platform to make a positive influence. She is going to have to work hard before we have a better opinion of her.

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The music of the Pretenders was always very special to me and Chrissie Hynde was my first celebrity teenage crush, she left me with a real thing about women with killer fringes 🙂 They did not do this song until a long time after my teenage years though


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Ok, this song was popular in the strip clubs when I was young and lonely, but damn its hot rhythms
NIN Closer

Then there are things like…
Bond covers Led Zepplin’s Kashmir

And the piece that drives many a good evening….
Trans Siberian Orchestra – Orf’s Carmina Burana


David – these are so great!
I am so sorry – I have no idea but WP always sends your comments straight to spam. I have to remember to search through my spam folder to check if you have left me any lovely words.
I am sorry I am so late to reply to you ❤

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