Blowing A Kiss

Whenever I sit down to write a post, you cross my mind. You always do. How does it feel to be the main inspiration for my dreamy romantic erotic poems and stories? Are you comfortable that you have become my muse?

Not every post is inspired by you. I try to mix it up a little on my blog. But so many times I feel the urge to express how much I adore you. I have to edit most of what I write about you – it starts out pure shock-erotica – accounts of lovers tearing their clothes of each other and making love as if the survival of mankind depended on it. I scratch my head and decide that I cannot possibly publish that.

So I go back again and edit my story, softening and disguising the passion, so that in the end it is more of a sweet affectionate dreamy kind of a post – one that I hope you know is for you. In many ways, when I write a post inspired by you – I am blowing you a kiss. I hope you catch it….xx

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