Achy Breaky Back

What a week (well more than a week) I have had. I started off with some back pain, actually it is probably over two weeks ago since the pain started. But it got worse and worse.

It turns out I slipped a disc. I have had one NHS appointment, not as helpful as I would have hoped. Ben wants to go private. I have only been functioning at all with painkillers and avoiding doing anything that hurts! It is amazing how much hurts when you have back pain. Who would have thought it?

Ben is being amazing. He is helping me out with everything. I don’t want to be helpless. I want to do the things I can do. But Ben will set me up by lifting pans out of drawers and grabbing ingredients I need to cook with. He has to transfer our laundry in and out of the washing machine, but I can press our clothes.

In other ways he is really spoiling me. I am hoping this pain will steadily improve. It is not much fun at all!!! If you do happen to go through back pain, I would heartily endorse getting yourself a slave personal assistant just like Ben – one with lovely warm hands and who applies sweet kisses to where the pain hurts most.

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