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The Gazebo


One late spring afternoon, I wandered into the garden to gather flowers. I wanted to arrange a display in a tall vase in the hallway. The sun was beating down on my skin and I sought shade from the tall trees that looming near to the fence. I stepped carefully over the broken twigs and overgrown shrubs insearch for the wild blooms that thrived amongst the cooler soil and were protected by the more dappled sunshine.

I was startled by a thud just behind me. Rapidly turning I noticed a red cricket ball had only just missed me. I looked over towards the fence and saw a man dressed in white had his hands on the top wooden strut. He was panting, but as soon as he caught his breath he called out to me, “Sorry about that. The games over after that last batter knocked the ball out of the park. We won’t be disturbing you any longer”.

Slightly puzzled, I bent down and picked up the ball, “I suppose you would like this back?”

The stranger hesitated for a moment. I waited for his response. I was not expecting him to boldly swing his legs over the fence and stride over to me. He came to a halt just a metre in front of me and gazed at me. I held the cricket ball out to him. His hand reached forward and grasped my wrist as he said, “I had to make sure you were real. I thought you were a mirage. You happen to be the most beautiful creature I have ever seen, better than any fantasy”.

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I blushed at his compliment, but felt nervous at the boldness of this man. He still had hold of my wrist when I asked him, “Did you win?”

“Win? Oh, you mean our game of cricket, oh no, we were bowled out with less than a hundred runs. We were on terrible form today.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry. If it wasn’t for that last batter hitting the ball in this direction, I might never have laid eyes on you.”

I turned away in embarrassment, “I should get back to the house, I have guests coming for dinner”.

“What time is dinner?” he asked, “It’s only three o’clock now. Could you stay a little longer? Pity a man after his team have just suffered a humiliating loss in a cricket match”.

I tried to refuse him, “I shouldn’t”.

“But you will, won’t you?” his other hand took the basket out of my right hand and carefully placed it onto the ground. My left hand dropped the cricket ball as I felt his hands around my face. He whispered, “May I?”

I had no words due to my shyness, but my smile was enough for him to take the liberty of pressing his lips against mine. Encouraged by my meekness, he drew me towards him and as his hands roamed over my back, he kissed me passionately. My arousal was awakened at the scent of his perspiration. I scolded him, “You are covered with sweat and your hands are grubby. You are going to ruin my dress.”

“Well, we’ll have to do something about that,” he quickly retorted, “I notice there is a gazebo over there. I am sure it’s nice and cool inside, and we can take care of your pretty dress.”

He picked up my basket of flowers and put the cricket ball in the middle. With his other arm he linked me and we walked over towards the gazebo. He laughed when I mumbled, “I only came out here to find some flowers to make a bouquet, I wasn’t expecting anything so risque”.

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Once we were inside the gazebo, he made quick work of removing my dress. I stood trembling in my lingerie. He nuzzled his face against mine and held me close to him, “You are perfect.”

It was so good to feel the warmth of his skin against mine. Impulsively I ran my arms under the fabric of his white polo shirt. He stepped back allowing me to pull it up over his head. His bare torso pressed against mine. He looked around and saw the wooden bench that wrapped around the inner frame of the gazebo. Drawing me behind him, he sat down and then beckoned for me to sit over his lap, straddling him.

I looked adoringly at him and as my head was above his, I kissed his forehead. I felt his hands trying to unfasten the clasp of my bra. I allowed him to pull it away from my bosom and smiled as his eyes lit up in amazement. He wrapped his hands around my left breast and began to stroke my nipple with his thumb. I watched as my nipple became engorged and raspberry pink. The tip of his tongue flicked against it sending tingles down my spine.

I leant forward and planted kisses on his face, he responded by kissing me with his tongue delving into my mouth and gently biting at my bottom lip. Then his tongue returned to my nipple, this time enveloping it entirely between his lips. He took in the whole of my nipple and some of the surrounding areola and firmly sucked them in to his mouth. Soon he was steadily suckling creating a ripple of sensations throughout my body.

The more he suckled from my breast, the more my spine fizzed with pleasure and the more moist I became down below. He sensed my arousal, and before I knew it he was tugging at the lace of my underwear and sliding his fingers to find my clitoris. Soon I found my whole body seething with joyful ecstasy. His own arousal built as he watched me groaning with pleasure.

With one swift movement he pushed me onto my feet. He whisked off his white trousers and turned me around so that I was now sitting on the bench. His hands firmly pulled at my lace briefs exposing me to him. He knelt before me and his hands parted my knees as wide as the bench allowed. He bent down and kissed my labia. Raising his head he gazed into my eyes and moved closer to me. I felt the head of his penis press against my labia. He found the entrance of my vagina and with four or five firm thrusts he had wantonly penetrated me. His broad smile and mischievous eyes were so attractive. As he began to thrust repeatedly into me, I closed my eyes in unbounded joy and let out a loud groan. Spurred on by my sounds of gratification, he increased his speed and intensity. The harder he pushed into me, the more all sense of abandonment rose within me. Eventually my legs rose up and wrapped around his back and I found myself whimpering as he maintained the speed of his powerful thrusting.

Now it was his turn to gain full satisfaction. Along with a loud outcry of pleasure, his ejaculation built and I felt a rush of his semen squirt into me. It was an effort but I managed to push myself up and wrapped my body close to him as his full firm penis nestled within me finished delivering it’s load into me.

After making love, we held each other shivering as we were both soaked with perspiration and the gazebo was so much cooler than outside. After some time, I broke the contented silence, “Darling, that was wonderful, but I really ought to go and get ready for dinner. I have a flower display to arrange and I need to put the chicken into the oven”.

“Do you have to go?” he moaned.

“Yes, I have to go,” I kissed his forehead sweetly, “I have a lot to do before your parents arrive”.

“We could always ring and cancel,” he suggested.

“It’s important that we have an honest talk with them my love. They are seriously thinking about selling their house and moving to New Zealand. Don’t you think it’s fair that that we tell them that we are trying for a baby. Becoming grandparents may be something that will affect their decision.”

My husband sighed, “I am enjoying this trying for a baby so much. I am afraid that once we have a child, we are going to end up with more visits from my parents and yours!”

“Unavoidable Dear, however with two sets of doting grandparents who will want to babysit, we can still have our naughty weekends away together. If your parents move to New Zealand, we have less chance to act out your fantasies.”

“Right, well then, we had better get ready for dinner then,” he helped me onto my feet and retrieved my clothes for me. My husband turned towards me as I was dressing and said, “I mean it, you know, you really are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen”.

We left the gazebo hand in hand and walking back up to the house, along with the basket of flowers and the cricket ball. Just another Saturday afternoon at the Buchanan residence.

5 replies on “The Gazebo”

When I started writing this, I genuinely had no idea how I was going to finish it. But I liked wrapping up the story with a reason she let a trespassing sweaty cricket player be so friendly with her!


This is the story! Almost until the end of the text, I thought that these two met for the first time in their lives. But of course there was something unreal about their instant agreement.
There were other moments as well. Strangers have unprotected sex, and he also ends up in her. But it turns out that this is a married couple who wants to have a child.
Interestingly written. So many different intrigues in a short text.


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