sex sells

Sex Sells #33

You know, sometimes advertisers can really just go too far with weaving in sexy themes into their concepts. Alright, alright, we know sex sells, but really, this doesn’t this one just make you cringe?

Maybe because I have been sent back and forwards across the Atlantic so many times that I have a deep respect for the crew of an aircraft. The men and women who act as flight attendants are pretty awesome in what they have to deal with and how prepared for emergencies they have to be.

In a world where aircraft safety is not to be taken for granted, there is something just a bit too sleazy for me about whoever had this fantasy in Lynx’s marketing team.

2 replies on “Sex Sells #33”

Sometimes it just doesn’t feel right to take a role that is so important to people’s welfare and perhaps their survival and turn it into a sexual fantasy. Well…maybe in the privacy of your mind, or having fun in private….but it does not seem right for a public commercial marketing campaign.


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