Singing Sex #23

Some songs are so inherently sexy they don’t need a video to make them even more steamy. On the other hand….if you are going to sing a soul stirring tune – why don’t you just go the whole way and put it with a video that makes jaws drop open?

I do think this week’s pick really hits all the right notes. Bravo Chris Isaak.

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It was a very stupid attempt to lift a heavy lawn mover up over a stack of heavy tools and equipment Ben had put into the shed. It seemed easier to lean over and lift the lawn mower up and over. But that tore a ligament in my back.

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It has been painful Rory. The pain is lessened by the pain killers, but I was left with this incredible tightness that has been restricting my movements. It feels like an elastic band is being stretched to maximum across my back. I am definitely improving. Ben and I went for a walk on Saturday and although I was going at an embarrassingly slow pace, it is the first time I have even wanted to attempt a walk for pleasure. Before now I was having to conserve energy as much as I could. Now I am trying to push myself more and increase my mobility.

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Well l am pleased to hear yoo are recovering albeit slowly Jenna. I can relate, many years ago l ruptured ligaments in my back and it is a very slow process of recovery.


Nothing sounds better than a sexy tune that engages all your senses, body and soul

You just get lost in the moment deep into the tune, oh dear, let me dig into my collection of tunes to get that vibe now

Thanks for sharing this


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