fantasy fiction

Aglow With Pink

I wrote this post months ago and it kept on being rescheduled to make room for other posts. I thought it was about time it went live.

They know something is different about him. They can see it in his eyes. What remains a mystery to them is his secret addiction. He simply cannot get enough of pink – specifically of that raspberry shade of pink that stirs a hunger within.

Does she notice that he likes everything she publishes? Does she enjoy his flirty remarks at the bottom of each post? Does she feel excited by the thought of him fantasising about her?

He’s hiding in the gents at work so he can catch up reading. He’s started coming home late because he wants to leave sexy comments. He sneaks out of the club so he can have a moment’s peace. He wants to read the latest post for his midnight kicks. All they know is he’s aglow with a blush that can’t be hidden.

How does she feel about the effect she has had upon him? How does she feel that he is smitten by pink? How does she feel to have sparked his raspberry obsession?

Although she chooses to be discreet, she has just published a post to say she is flattered. She hopes he will like it and know it is for him.

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