Who do you think is the sexist character in either the Star Wars or Star Trek movies?

Ben said that I have to make this May’s question because of the upcoming May 4th (yes, that date when people drop Star Wars memes and say to each other “may the fourth be with you”) and he suggested extending the question to cover not only Star Wars but also Star Trek characters.

I am quite glad he said that because the character I find most sexy is from the Star Trek Enterprise series and some of their movies. Would you like to know who it is?

Commander William Riker from the USS Enterprise!

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I am a BIG Star Wars fan. So if you asked me when I was ten, Princess Leah. Period.
Now as a Adult, there are several.
Rey, of coarse.
Older and wiser Princess Leah
Amilyn Holdo
Cara Dune from Mandalorian
Jyn Erso, the scientist behind the Death Star
Padme from the earlier movies
Captain Phasma, Iโ€™d love to see what is under that hard exterior.
And the intellect of MaZ Kanata. Sheโ€™s old but still very flirty and sexy.

So there they are. As an older , wiser guy, I am attracted to wisdom, intelligence and even a little power.

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So I am going to have to google a couple of these characters MJ – but I totally agree with you about intelligence and wisdom being sexy. I think that Maz Kanata’s first moments in Star Wars were her flirting with Chewbacca – calling him her boyfriend. I loved that!!! The whole idea of a romance between those two created a frenzy of excitement in ways it is hard to explain!!

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Ya, Chewie is her boyfriend. She tells Solo to take care of him all the time. I know, itโ€™s hard to think of Chewie as a sexual being. That I also have issue with as his grunts and groans were always translated, Solo and Chewie just never sat back and talked about women. Ok what group of guys that get together and relax DONT talk about women. Not once. Right?


Call me old-fashioned. 1977 Princess Leia. Tough, sweet, and sexy combo. My favorite. An unbeatable combination of personality and beauty. Especially the award ceremony scene in A New Hope. Hehe, thanks for asking, Jenna!


I was in love with Finn from Star Wars the moment he pulled that helmet off. I loved his character. Every Star Wars character has their own personal battle, Finn’s courage really caught my attention. At first the last thing he wants to do is fight – he wants to flee as far away as he can get. But because he cares so much about Ray, he overcomes his fears.

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I don’t think I have even seen this one – it must be one of the first Star Trek movies. She looks so pretty. I cannot tell what the story is with her with the video above but I will ask Ben if he can find this movie for us to watch.


For me it has to be Captain Jean-Luc Picard. I think he was wonderful.

Robert and Wills like the same character – only different versions of her. They both like Uhura. Robert said the idea of a multi-lingual woman was attractive to him and had a soft spot for Uhura when she was played by Nichelle Nichols. Wills likes the Uhura played by Zoe Saldana. I asked Wills why he likes Uhura and he said because she’s fit.

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Picard is so enigmatic and commands respect. Yes….I can see him as sexy.

I think we have had some other appreciation for Uhura – she was definitely oozing with sex appeal for so many reasons, including her language abilities.

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I am old enough to have watched Star Trek when it was originally on TV. So, an early, sexy character has to be Uhura. Also, think about it, a capable, smart, gorgeous African American woman on a popular US tv show in the late ’60’s. Give Gene lots of credit.


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