Pure Pleasure

ADVISORY NOTE: Content for ADULTS ONLY. Contains explicit references to sexual activity.

When I saw the theme for this week was “PLEASURE”, I was split three ways. There is a lot I could say about the many forms of pleasure I enjoy with my beloved Ben. I was also tempted to write a poem about the pleasures we can communicate through words (but I was struggling to craft a poem). The third option was to talk about Simon.

Oh Simon, Simon, Simon. I put a lot of Simon into my second novella “FOUND“. If you have had chance to read it, you will know that Simon is a very appealing man, however…his focus on pleasure in life becomes a challenge for Leah.

My real life Simon, who inspired my character Simon (and also inspired Jeremy in “MUSE“) knew so much about pleasure. What he doesn’t know about a woman’s body is probably not worth knowing. Making love was an exquisite adventure. I mean that as a sincere compliment. It was never the same, never predictable. We were having sex during a two year period, but every time seemed wild and exhilarating.

Simon had such a profound influence on my view of how much pleasure sex could and should impart, that he has become a significant presence in my erotica writing.

Only pleasure, physical, erotic, sexual pleasure was not enough for me. I was in love with Simon – head over heels in love with him. You know the kind of love that makes you think you could give up everything to follow him.

Can you blame me for falling in love? It wasn’t just the sex that I was in love with. I truly adored Simon. I was fascinated by him. He was different from any other man I had known, and in the same way an attractive secret agent or nowadays, a hunky marine conservationist, would charm the knickers off of most women, Simon had that enigmatic X-factor about him. Everything he ever said seemed engrossing and mysterious.

I made it my mission to add to his pleasure in life. It is embarrassing in a way to think of how I shamelessly gifted him, baked for him, dressed up for him, spent a fortune on lingerie to please him, and oh – shame! – all the naughty things I agreed to in public places, as well as the bedroom (and the kitchen, and in the shower, and on top of the piano, and…)

The situation that brought me the most pure pleasure, was when after a long romantic kiss (after a few hours of sex play) I yawned (because I was exhausted at it was three o’clock in the morning) and said “Goodnight!” Simon seemed to have a problem with that. He indicated to me that it was not time to think about sleep. Then he gave me a triple cocktail – his mouth greedily devouring my right nipple, while his left hand reached around my shoulder to work on my left nipple. His right hand descended to my glory – and his index finger began to fondled my little clit.

For a long time, Simon pleasured me like that relentlessly pushing me beyond my limits. I remember shaking in his arms, because I could not take any more stimulation. It was too intense, wave after shockwave of pleasure rippling through my spine, my legs tingling, my gut tightening, my mouth dry from gasping.

Simon is a lover of pleasure, and it was a pure pleasure being his lover – only it was not enough for me. I was in love with him, ready to make any sacrifice for him, only he doesn’t want love or commitment or obligations. He chooses to focus on pure pleasure. I still love him, I just cannot live like that.

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Simon’s main motivation in life is pleasure – and these are words from his own mouth. I understand the enjoyment of pleasure, but there definitely came a point when it was clear he placed pleasure on a different level of import than I did. I wanted to feel secure in a relationship. Although Simon was always so caring and wonderful with me, and he was never dishonest, just discreet because he knew I could not cope with it, I was pained by evidence of his polyamory. It broke me up to think of him saying the same words as he had said to me to another woman, or touching her the same way as he touched me.

Still I loved him Marie – I loved him so much. I know in some ways he did me a kindness in moving away. We can still enjoy our friendship, but Simon departing, well it was only then that Ben admitted to me how he felt. Ben has a totally different view of relationships to Simon. Ben is everything to me.

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