At Your Desire

I’m your Venus

I’m your fire

At your desire

“Venus” – Bananarama

Silently brewing deep within, your hunger burns

With a dark erotic fantasy your soul yearns

So I tease you, I flaunt myself to lead you on

You can’t stop thinking of gorgeous me when I’m gone

I’m only acting cool to make you work harder

For I can’t resist a man wrapped up in ardour

You crave me to satisfy your consuming need

Deep desires intensify into pure greed

I know within I’m bewitching you with my charms

One day soon I’ll surrender myself to your arms

The longer you have to wait, the better I’ll taste

When you kiss and lick every inch above my waist

As penis meets pussy with an impatient thrust

We’ll devour each other with unbridled lust

Your pulse will race, your body tremble and perspire

I’m your Venus, I’m your fire at your desire

14 replies on “At Your Desire”

Jim….I was thinking of perhaps posting this video in my post…but you have given me a reason. I need to google Shocking Blue as I have not heard of them. I have played Bananarama CDs over and over until they jumped!


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