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Her Latest Erotic Novella

He comes home from work feeling exhausted. Drained of motivation after an intensely stressful week at the office, he just wants to crash on the sofa and do nothing. The growl from his stomach prompts him to include ordering a takeaway pizza through his Uber-Eats App amongst that “nothing”.

One spicy meat-feast pizza and a six pack of beer later, he crawls onto his bed and longs to be asleep. Sleep evades him. Turning over and over again in an effort to get comfortable seems futile. His thoughts are keeping him wide awake. He is wired after all the politics of the office, slowing him down, frustrating his efforts to meet the targets senior management set for his department.

A pleasant recollection crosses his mind. The weekend before, he had ordered her latest erotic novella from Amazon. It had arrived a couple of days ago and he had left it in it’s cardboard packaging and thrown it into his bedside cabinet. Reaching over he pulled open the drawer and retrieved the slim package. With more hunger than he’d felt before his pizza had arrived, he removed the carboard.

An hour later he was halfway through her story.

His pulse was racing, his gut tightening, his groin throbbing. How much detail she packed into her love making scenes. They were so intricate and elaborate, surely they were real life memories and not just fantasies.

But it was the passages in between, the long mental conversations the female protagonist indulges in which engrossed him the most. He holds his breath as he senses that he is in every line. Jenna is weaving hidden details about their holiday romance into her hunky male character she has developed. From the way he takes his tea, to the dreamy blue of his eyes. She makes it clear he is a hopeless romantic at heart. She describes how at college he decided to have his right shoulder tattooed to give him a tough guy image. She knows him though. She knows him inside out and it unnerves him to think she is portraying him so accurately on every page.

Returning to the scene of the two of them standing on the tropical beach together, he knows she is relating the exact events of their last night in the Paradise Heights Resort. Her fingers running through a curl of his hair, she whispers, “I don’t want this to ever end”.

He cannot take any more. He knows exactly what happens next – the sand, the sweat, the steamy session between them that took place right there on the beach the last time he saw her.

Realizing he is only half way through the book, he puts it back into the drawer it came from. A smile lingers as he recalls the the softness of her skin and the scent of her perfume. Perhaps the rest of the story is all going to be her imagination exploring what she wished would have happened next. He will have to save that for another night. Now he is sleepy, with a romantic dreamy haziness that has descended over his mind.

It was not just another holiday romance. It was so much more. He tried to forget her thinking that there was no way it would ever work when they lived so far away. But from her erotic novellas, he understands that she cannot forget him, and that is stirring in him a wild desire to see her again.

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