fantasy fiction

Now I Know Your Weak Spot

“Be careful what you share with me,” she whispers with a wry smile on her lips. He raises an eyebrow in response. Not missing the quizzical expression, she puts her hands on her hips, “Don’t play innocent with me! I know you cannot get enough of this magnificent midriff.”

He puts his arms around his head and closes his eyes as the sunshine warms his already bronzed skin, “That is only half true Jenna. Besides, flaunting your figure in front of me – is that appropriate?”

“We are on vacation. I am allowed to do anything I want here. What do you mean by only half true?”

Remaining silent, he decided to turn over onto his side so that his back was towards her. She settled onto her own sun-lounger and decided it was probably better not to tease him too much. He was so irresistible to her, but overtly flirting may make him feel uncomfortable.

In the privacy of his mind he knew exactly what he wanted to say, “It’s not only your midriff that I am admiring. I am trying to imagine you without those skimpy bikini briefs obscuring my view.”

Vacations with incredibly sexy platonic friends are a terrible idea!

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