sex sells

Sex Sells #38

Boddingtons have been one of our favourite producers of sexy commercials. They have truly knocked it out of the ballpark so many times. They often employ a very sexy brunette who transpires to be more interested in her the ale than she is in her men.

Although we have seen much more memorable Boddington’s adverts, this one yet again captures the essence of a sexy woman who has a thirst for Boddingtons above all else. Although I do feel sorry for this guy, I loved that this diva knows what gives her the most kicks.

It kinds of sums up a lot of these Boddington’s commercials – gorgeous women with a fetish for ale! You have to admit – in a world where so much sexy marketing shows women drooling at the colognes men are wearing or the cars they drive – it is always refreshing to see a female making it clear what she wants.

4 replies on “Sex Sells #38”

It’s a little but strange. I think Boddingtons have had some fantastic commercials but we found a couple of theirs a little off-key. There is another one coming up in the series that had me stumped. I guess when they have thought up some great adverts, it can be hard to repeat their success, and something they miss the tone that had previously worked so well.


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