For weeks, I have been struggling with a back injury. It’s still effecting my mobility – which is annoying! But at last I can enjoy sex with my beloved again.

But in less than two months, I feel I am a fraction of the woman I was before. I have felt so pathetic at times. I had a terrible experience trying to do some shopping, that was just the most humiliating and arduous experience. But I am too tired to think about that now.

Oh to feel super nimble and fit and athletic and energetic again – as well as fully independent. I want to feel goddamn sexy!!!

I am getting there. Little by little, I am improving. I would love to recover on a desert island without the humiliation of onlookers who see me hobbling along. It would be great just to rest and have some physical exercise without any of the pressure of work or mundane tasks that can be so excruciating if I push myself to much.

It would be so great to have a desert island too go and convalesce on. I will come back when I can walk properly.

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I am just amazed it has gone on for so long. I thought injuries were supposed to heal up!! The scan I had showed the extent of the damage and they told me that it probably is not much better than when I actually incurred the injury.


It’s good to hear your back is feeling better, Jenna! I have been suffering from back pain on and off in the past week, all because of some bad news in our life. I finally reverted to taking pain meds today, and hope it at least eases some of the pain.
~ Marie

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How is your back now May? Stress and bad news can definitely have a physical effect on our bodies.
I am having ok days and some really bad days with my back. After the scan I had, I was told that it is only with surgery that I will be able to recover my normal mobility and be pain free. Until then I am having to be careful and take my meds!

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I am learning to cope with it better. I have been told it is only once I have surgery that normal will be possible. But I think having the MRI scan helped me to get my head round this situation. I am going to have to live with this and deal with it the best I can until they get me in the operating theatre!


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