Sex Sells #39

I have seen a lot of sexy commercials in this series, but sometimes I am shocked – shocked that they could think they could get away with it! The marketing team I mean…the advert creators. Are they crazy?

I am not sure if this is even genuine or if someone put this together to mock some of the other commercials which missed the mark from Carl’s Jr. The description says their Big Sausage Breakfast commercial apparently was banned. Yes. Do we need any explanation as to why that was?

I think that the advertisers who have used sexy themes best are the ones that used the right balance of humour or surprise and did not go over the top. This is so much about giving a male observer a hard one than anyone remembering what the commercial is supposed to be selling. In this case…it just sells sex rather than the product.

If this is real, well – sorry Carl’s Jr, I don’t think you get how to use sex to sell your products. This advert is more about sex than sausage.

6 replies on “Sex Sells #39”

all I can say to that commercial is “wow” she was really selling sex. I mean that delicious sausage you just wanna get in your mouth. Ladies don’t you want that huge sausage in your mouth? lol I’m only kidding.

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