Still Got It!

Ben had to take me to hospital for a scan on my back. I was petrified I would have to go alone (because of covid-restrictions), but he was allowed to be with me except for when I was actually having the scan. It seems that the damage is worse than they suspected at first.

But while I was there, Ben noticed and yes, I guess I noticed too, that I had caught the eye of one of the male members of staff who was looking after me. Ben whispered to me that the male medic was “checking me out”. I whispered back, “I’ve still got it!”

Nice to have a little reminder (and during the Pandemic, there has been less chance for these little reminders) that you are still physically attractive to onlookers. I wonder what he thought of me as I was hobbling along – it kinda takes all the sexiness out of my image!

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I hope they can help whatever is happening and aleve your pain. Please take good care of yourself, I’m sure Ben is doing all he can to take care of you too.

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