fantasy fiction

Peeping Pam

ADVISORY NOTE: Content for ADULTS ONLY. Contains explicit references to sexual activity.

I was an undergraduate, studying English at the University of Virginia when I acquired an education of a different sort. I had a part-time job at MarieBette Cafe and Bakery, less than a half hour work from my student accommodation. Along my route I walked along Page Street, and it was there that one evening I watched a couple having sex. Yes, it was the first time I realized the enjoyment in voyeurism. Perhaps I would have felt ashamed if it had not been for the brunette who turned to me and winked when she saw me peeking through the slightly frosted window panes.

Perhaps she found some kind of enjoyment in knowing she had an audience. As I look back, I can see that she was in fact a shameless exhibitionist. She certainly seemed to put on quite a performance, and perhaps that was partly for my benefit. My gut was gripped tight as I watched her and her lover, and I learnt. Yes, that half an hour I stood with my nose pressed against the glass was an education and now I knew what I would do when I finally had a boyfriend myself. Even now, I am so glad that woman allowed me to discover what having sex would be like.

My eyes were fascinated by how the couple placed their hands, stroking each other’s skin and caressing curves and edges. The warm fuzzy feeling in my tummy as they kissed languidly and pressed their bodies to each other. I could tell this was an important part of their intimacy, almost warming each other up for excitement.

Indeed, the energy between them increased. When he unhooked her bra, she turned to face me. She smiled as her pert breasts were revealed and held her gaze with mine. I watched her lover fondling and kissing her breasts. He gave so much attention to her nipples. Even from where I was standing I noticed the change of colour as those pale shy nipples became engorged and a deeper hue of pink. His mouth seemed to relish the feeling of her swollen nipples nestled between his lips, his tongue flicking them in between his hungry sucks.

I became distracted because of the bulge steadily growing within the tight black briefs he was wearing. I had never seen a penis before and I was hoping this would be my chance. But she made sure I could not have a proper view. All I could do was use my imagination, as she knelt down and I saw the back of her head gripped by his hands. She must have been administering oral sex to him. How I wished I could have seen what she was doing. I wanted to learn from her.

She could not resist glancing over towards the window again to check if I was still here. It was clear she was making sure I only saw what she wanted. But even with a partial view, it was exhilarating to watch as he thrust into her and the two of them became a sweating, panting, lustful duet. It was enthralling.

Whenever I walked along Page Street, I would take another peek through the window of their home, but they were never there when I was passing. Still, what I had seen that night was emblazoned on my mind. It was over a year later when I finally had chance to reenact her technique when I stayed overnight with a very hot law graduate named Brett McDermott. He was impressed that little Pam Davies was not the shy girl he had taken her for.

Finally, the fantasies that my night as a peeping tom had inspired were something I could taste for myself.

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Absolutely! I always wished there was an educational video to show sex to us as students that was not like porn, but was just there to show us what we were supposed to be doing. I think young people end up hearing a very odd account from their parents, or they end up picking up lots of other information from their peers which came from who knows where that can seem quite terrifying.


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