When it comes to outdoor intimacy – what tales do you have?

That is a delicate way of asking this month’s flirty question! The weather has been gorgeous over the weekend here in the UK (at long last!) and it brought back to me memories of summer dating with Simon. Simon had a real thing for “outdoor intimacy” and we did actually go all the way (not saying when or where). On other occasions it was more about oral sex or using out hands and fingers to excite each other.

We were not exhibitionists, but on a glorious day, all we could think about was finding somewhere beautiful and discreet where we could make love with nature around us.

There is something magical about enjoying nature alongside the person you are in love with. Have you had any romantic, intimate or sensuous moments out in the fresh air?

The temperature outside is already hot – but it is going to get a lot hotter here on June’s RASPBERRY RIPPLES FLIRTY FUN!!!

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Both Goldfinch and Jack have given me some very happy outdoor memories. I have less outdoor PDA with Jack because of the risk of lurking cameras. But when we are in the garden, we have a little corner where we can get cosy.

Whereas Goldfinch was never worried about what others felt. He would hold me in his arms while we lay in the grass. I am not saying anything more because I have said enough about my perfect afternoons with him on my blog – but I do have lovely memories.


I am not going to tell you everything about what went on behind the Maths block at school.
I will tell you about going camping on a school organised Duke of Edinburgh and it ending up a memorable experience. I can also tell you about getting sweaty on the beach with a girl during a lads’ holiday in Majorca. But that was all before I had my own place.

Nowadays…I am content with holding hands and kissing outside. Back in the day, I guess I outside was the only place I could have some privacy because there was no way my parents would want me bringing a girl home. Now I am a free man and can host my girlfriend under my own roof.

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On the Beach
My wife and I stayed in a hotel that was one block away from the beach. One morning we both woke up early and there was a very thick fog outside and my wife suggested that we go down to the beach to smoke a joint, because she didn’t want the smell of pot to be in our room. We grabbed the beach blanket and we were the only people on the beach that day. We smoked a doobie and it was just so surreal being there all by ourselves and one thing led to the next and we were having sex on the beach. I fell back asleep for at least an hour and when I woke up there were people everywhere and I told my wife that I wanted breakfast and she didn’t want to leave saying that we had the perfect spot and if we left we would never find a spot this good. I told her that as long as I am with you, it will always be the perfect spot and we left.


No tales for you Pinkette. But I like outdoor dating. I have just been away on holiday, but before I went away, I had a date with a girl I went to college with. It started to rain and thunder, so we had to shelter under a bridge and drink our coffee. But we are going to go out again next weekend.

I am a romantic at heart, so a beautiful day, I want to share the love with the lady I am seeing. But I am also a gentleman, so I don’t expect her to rough it. I want her to feel like a princess.

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Here is my confession Jenna…

One of the first parties I went to at high school, there were no parents to keep an eye on us. There was a boy at school who I liked, and my mates had been asking him what he thought of me. So at the party, he told me he liked me and asked if I wanted to go for a walk in the field at the end of the road.

And…if you want to know what happened, you will have to email me to ask me!! I can’t say it here!

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I miss having sex outside, mind you l miss sex full stop! I remember once having sex in Dover [Kent] in the town in a shop doorway because it was absolutely hammering it down rain wise. My back was getting soaked, but that wasn’t the only wetness present.

Another time when in Ramsgate [Kent] and having sex on the beach, can honestly say l did not totally enjoy that at all, l thoroughly enjoyed the woman l was with, but sand gets everywhere … in all the crooks and crannies … say no more!

I have many memories of being outside, even including once against the car, until it rolled away and l toppled over … not that was funny, boxer shorts around my ankles and kissing the tarmac!


I am sure you have Rory!

Back is slow progress. I have my first physio this week. I am still on pain killers and I am on a waiting list for some surgery. I am just going to keep trying to do what I can and not let this get me down.

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Dang but life is strange Jenna, how sometimes the smallest of things can have the longest lasting effects on our lives.


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