This might make you laugh, but I have actually panicked at times about unlikely possibilities. But you see, I see this world system as very fragile. It did not take long for an invisible virus to highlight all the ways this system is crumbling. Plus there is so much tension brewing, seething undercurrents of rage percolating. What if the system implodes?

I know you are wondering what I am jabbering on about. I am not scared for me. But I start to panic. How will I know you are safe? How will I be able to get a message to you to tell you not to worry about me?

We are all so dependent on an invisible communications network. We realize it when a nearby construction company drills through a cable and we do not have any internet for a few days. Our world suddenly becomes inaccessible.

Can I ask you to read between the lines and understand that if the system buckles and breaks apart – I will be mindful of not being swept up in propaganda and doing what is good and true and peace-loving. I will only cope with being sure that you will not be anxious about me.

Anything could happen between now and then. Earthquakes, traffic accidents, terrorism, all sorts of unforeseen events than could sever a connection. I put my full trust in the very Source of life to prevent anxiety and grief swallowing me up.

I know this may sound crazy….but I picture two birds taking turns to guard their little chicks. One goes to fetch food while the other is guarding the nest. But what if one day, one does not come back. The other waits patiently, and then slowly anguish begins to creep in. Something happened to their beloved…only they may never know what tragedy met their feathered friend.

Perhaps I am being morbid. I just find myself wondering how would you know not to panic if we lost our wi-fi? I have to believe that there is something else connecting us. If very suddenly communication ceased without any explanation – you would know that something had happened – however, I will be safe. You know I will be safe because the very Source of life knows me and He knows you. So you must just trust and not be anxious!

4 replies on “Connectivity”

Some time ago, this method could have been quite good. But now we are so used to freedom. We don’t even notice that we fly like birds. Figuratively, of course. But in terms of communication, even more so than birds. So, I’m afraid the rope after Wifi and 5G will be perceived as a snare for birds.


We are all so dependent on this system that is so fragile. To lose touch is an anxious thing, but there is no other option than to place him or her in the hands of the One who knows where we are.


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