I am so glad the weather has improved in this little pompous island of Britannia. At last I am not looking as pale as I was. I had shorts on and did a lot of my work out in the garden this week. Now my body is looking sun-kissed.

Speaking of being kissed – Ben has been so very affectionate to me over the past couple of weeks. The MRI scan I had made him realize just how wrecked my back is and how much determination I must have had to be as mobile as I have been. He was always being kind and patient and looking after me….but he has been even more so since we both realized the extent of the damage to my back.

Ben has arranged a weekend away for us. We are heading to an area known for boating, and he has promised some sailing is in store. I am very excited by it. He is a little anxious over whether I am going to be able to enjoy it fully (because of my back) but I am just so excited by a complete change of scene.

Another glorious chance to wear my shorts and soak up some sunshine too! Enjoy your weekend!!!

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Take care of you back Jenna. I know what that pain can be like. Hugs to you. Just an FYI I started to take Cummerian Tumeric 9000mg (raw herb) by Jameison Vitamins. It is a natural anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. Whether or not it is coincidental since beginning to take I am now going on pain free for almost 8 weeks or so.) Have a wonderful chill weekend with Ben.

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Wow Jenna! It sounds like you are quite the trooper. I commend you for your perseverance and attitude.

Such a stark contrast to the martyr and constant whining my ex did with his constant back pain.

I hope you find relief soon but it’s nice to see that you don’t let it stop you from being happy and having a full life. That is such a blessing and so beautiful. You are such an example of strength and courage. 🥰

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That is very kind of you to say! If I am completely honest, sometimes I have just wanted to bawl because the pain won’t go away! But I have been told that doing nothing will not help my back. I do need to keep moving – just not ready for any skate-boarding yet!!!

I have a relative who lost mobility after an incident. I know how much his independence means to him. He has been very determined not to miss out on life. I have been thinking of him a lot and I don’t feel I have any reason to complain compared to what he has to deal with on a daily basis.


If I’ve learned anything it’s that we are all allowed out Nancy Kerrigan moments. I’m long overdue for my own cry fest or “pity party”.

I just generally always do it alone without an audience, so I can keep my big bad image going. Lol

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