sex sells

Sex Sells #40

Last week I featured probably one of the most overt commercials I have found, which was memorable really for all the wrong reasons. I think Cadbury’s could teach Carl’s Jn about how to create a sexy marketing campaign.

There is no innuendo in their Milk Tray adverts and no provocative flaunting. Oh no, but this guy is determined to win the heart of a special lady. I love the concept. I love the ideas they put into their adverts. I love the brilliant tagline, “All because the lady loves…”

This totally works on me – as if chocolate was not able to sell itself – but in the world of candy, there is a lot of competition I guess. Cadbury’s produced one of the most famous and iconic advertising campaigns – and they did it way back in the 1970s. But even today, people know the tagline so well. That is clever marketing! This is classic advertising at it’s best.

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